Sometimes the learning you have done academically, professionally, or personally doesn't come with a transcript or any other form of documentation. This program allows you to demonstrate what you have learned so that we may determine whether you are eligible for academic credit.

Credits by Exam

Strayer University has developed exams, similar to final exams or projects, which allow a student to demonstrate that he or she can meet the learning objectives of a course. Successful completion of a Credit by Exam may earn you credit for that particular course.

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Experiential Learning Portfolios

You may also choose to build a portfolio that demonstrates that you understand and meet the learning objectives of a course. After your portfolio is evaluated and approved, you will earn credit for the course.

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Directed Learning Projects (DLPs)

DLPs allow students to gain professional experience and college credit that is directly related to their degree program and their career goals.

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Fall Classes Start 10/2

You must be an RN to enter the RN to BSN Program.