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As an adult with a job, family and other responsibilities, you will have to be committed and work hard to continue your education for your associate's degree, bachelor's degree and masters degree. It won’t be easy, but Strayer University will provide the tools you need to make it possible. Thousands of our graduates have proven it. It all begins with these simple steps:

Contact The Campus Nearest You.

Make an appointment with a helpful Admissions Officer to discuss your goals and previous experience and decide what program is right for you.

Complete Your Application.

If you’ve taken courses elsewhere, we can help you get your academic transcripts and transfer as many credits as possible. Your Admissions Officer can also explain how to get additional credits for work and life experience. Then submit your application along with your application fee.

Review Your Financing Options.

Your Admissions Officer and the Business Office can review all available financing options so you can determine which best meets your needs.

Register For Your First Courses.

Your Admissions Officer will help make sure these first steps you’re taking are right for you.

Talk To Your Family, Friends And Coworkers.

Busy adults like you often find the support they receive from these important people is instrumental in helping them succeed.

Attend A New Student Orientation.

Check with your Admissions Officer for the schedule at your campus. If you’re taking any online courses, you should also plan to attend an orientation specifically about the online program and its system requirements.

Meet With Your Academic Advisor.

Your Academic Advisor will review your plan and discuss course schedules for the upcoming quarters.

Pursue Your Educational Goals.

As you continue through your academic program at Strayer University, contact your Campus Dean, Campus Director, Business Office Manager or Academic Advisor at any time for answers to your questions and additional support. 

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