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Step 1: Request Your Evaluation.

Step 2: Gather Your Required Documents.

Step 3: See What We Look For.

The Transcript Evaluation Center (TEC) conducts all military transcript evaluation in accordance with University policy. Primary specialties and courses are researched in the appropriate American Council on Education (ACE) Guidebook. Credit granted does not apply toward Strayer University residency requirements. Click here to see the residency requirements and maximum number of prior learning credits allowed for your program.

Note for SOC Students: A campus representative will enter the request for an SOC agreement. Evaluations are conducted following University policies and procedures. Students participating in the SOC program are an exception to the basic residency requirement. An SOC agreement is prepared once the evaluation of the student's educational and military transcripts has been completed. Due to the fact that military experience can drastically alter a student's curriculum, it is important that all military experience be evaluated before an SOC agreement is issued. Reminders will be sent to servicemembers whose military transcripts have not been received. After the evaluation, the SOC coordinator will prepare the SOC agreement and forward all necessary paperwork to the student and pertinent agencies. Upon attendance at any other institution, as outlined in the SOC agreement, SOC students must complete a Request to Pursue Courses at Other Institutions Form prior to enrollment at another institution.

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Military - David Elliott

Feb 2, 2015 -- rpourrabi

“My job requires travel to places like Iraq and Afghanistan to ensure that internal Army finance controls are working properly. Not only did my degree give me the skills to do that from an accounting perspective, it also gave me the opportunity to interact with students and professors from diverse backgrounds. That’s an entirely different but equally valuable skill set I use in my job every day.”


Director of Internal Review
U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command
Master of Science in Accounting, 2010 


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