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The financing and budget office makes it easy... and Strayer makes the process seamless."

Nicolas Wilcox, BSCJ, Alumnus

Why Study With Strayer?

Assistance for Military Spouses.

Strayer University understands the many challenges faced by military families, and we realize how difficult it can be to pursue your educational and professional goals while supporting your spouse's military career. So we do all we can to make it as easy as possible for military spouses to pursue their own educational dreams.

First, spouses of active duty military servicemembers are eligible for the same scholarships as the servicemember, regardless of whether or not the servicemember is a student at Strayer University.

Military spouses must supply the servicemember's Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) at the time of registration for the scholarship to be posted; it will only need to be provided for the first term of enrollment.

Military spouse scholarships offer a complete tuition reimbursement opportunity for undergraduates, while graduate students will be responsible for paying a portion of the tuition as an out-of-pocket expense. Contact your Military Admissions Officer for additional details.

Second, we participate in the Department of Defense's Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts (MyCAA) program. The MyCAA program provides up to $4,000 for military spouses who are interested in pursuing degrees, licenses or professional credentials that can lead to employment in high-growth, in-demand and portable career fields.

Are You Eligible for MyCAA at Strayer?

Spouses of active duty military personnel, including activated members of the National Guard and the Reserve Components, are eligible to receive MyCAA funding. Eligibility begins on the date of the Alert or Warning Order for Military Recall or Mobilization, through activation and deployment, and up to 180 days following demobilization.

What's Covered?

The $4,000 is a lifelong benefit that can be used to cover post-secondary education and training, tuition, licensing and credentialing fees. This includes degree programs (i.e., associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees) and continuing education classes, as well as costs associated with the CPA and similar exams. If the cost of a course includes books, supplies or other necessary equipment, MyCAA will cover these expenses.

MyCAA funds cannot be used to pay for computers, application fees, graduation fees, student activities, child care, parking, transportation, medical services or testing fees.

About Portable Careers for Military Spouses

One of the primary goals of the MyCAA program is to help military spouses earn the degree or credentials they need to find a "portable" career, meaning a job they can take with them when a military spouse is relocated from one duty station to another. These careers are typically in high-demand fields, and can often be found in growing industries.

As an accredited educational institution dedicated to working adult students, many of Strayer University's degrees may be considered suitable preparation for portable careers. View a full list of Strayer's programs.

Take the Next Step

Confirm your eligibility for receiving MyCAA funding and set up your Career and Training Plan by visiting the MyCAA Web site. To request information about Strayer University's academic programs and scholarship for military spouses, please fill out this form or call us at 1.888.378.7293.

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Military - David Elliott

Feb 2, 2015 -- rpourrabi

“My job requires travel to places like Iraq and Afghanistan to ensure that internal Army finance controls are working properly. Not only did my degree give me the skills to do that from an accounting perspective, it also gave me the opportunity to interact with students and professors from diverse backgrounds. That’s an entirely different but equally valuable skill set I use in my job every day.”


Director of Internal Review
U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command
Master of Science in Accounting, 2010 


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