Previous College Credit

Strayer University accepts transfer credit from institutions that are:

  • Recognized by an agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  • Recommended by the American Council on Education
  • Earned through a University-approved corporate training course

This may include two and four year colleges and universities, business colleges, trade schools, and international universities.

International Credits

Strayer University will accept credits from international institutions if the institution is recognized as the equivalent to an accredited institution in the United States. This allows students who have already completed college-level courses to be recognized for that effort, and encourages them toward completing their degree.

International Students

Articulation Agreements

Strayer University maintains more than 200 articulation agreements which include 9 statewide agreements. These agreements cover over 430 colleges nationally and include specialized agreements with military, graduate and other institutions. Students who transfer to Strayer University from an articulated school may receive a variety of academic and financial benefits.

Articulation Agreements

National Testing Exams

By performing well on exams recognized by The College Board, such as AP, CLEP, and DSST, you can earn academic credit towards your degree at Strayer University.

National Testing Exams


Strayer University has an articulation agreement with StraighterLine to accept their online college courses for transfer credit. StraighterLine is a leading innovator in higher education, recognized by major news organizations like The New York Times and The Washington Post, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, for offering high-quality online courses that earn real college credit.

How do I request transfer credit for previous college credit?

On your admissions application, you will be asked to indicate all other institutions that you have previously attended. Your admissions officer will assist you in requesting your official transcripts and/or other acceptable documentation. Those documents will be sent to our Transfer Credit Evaluation Services Department for analysis. As your transcripts are received and assessed, you will receive your results through your iCampus account. You may also obtain a copy of the results at your home campus anytime through the Admissions or Academic Offices.

Policies and procedures governing acceptance of transfer credit for previous college work:

Transcript evaluation is conducted by the Transfer Credit Evaluation Services Department in accordance with University policy. Credit granted does not apply toward Strayer University residency requirements.

View the residency requirements and maximum number of prior learning credits allowed for your program.

Developmental courses taken at another institution do not fulfill credit or placement requirements at Strayer University. Undergraduate students must fulfill placement requirements as outlined in the University catalog.

Students in residence at Strayer University who choose to take a course at another institution in order to transfer the course into their program at Strayer University are required to get pre-approval from the Campus Dean.

Acceptable Documents to Apply for Transfer Credit
(U.S. Students)

  • Only official transcripts will be formally evaluated. Official transcripts are original academic records received directly from the issuing institution.
  • Students may deliver official transcripts to their home campus in a sealed envelope.
  • Acceptable Documents from International Institutions:
    • International transcripts not already in English, must be translated into English by a certified translator. Both the original and translated documents must be submitted. All educational documents must have a seal or signature from the school to be considered official.
    • Official documents from certain countries are required to be retained by the University and cannot be release backed to the student.
  • All documents must be original or a certified copy.
  • Either a certificate or a diploma may accompany secondary school transcripts.
  • Result Slips are not accepted as sufficient documentation for transfer credit purposes.
  • If transcripts were evaluated by an outside agency, original transcripts must accompany the evaluation.
  • Graduate candidates must have the equivalent to a 4-year baccalaureate degree.

Grade Requirements

Strayer University maintains grade requirements on all transfer credit from other universities or higher-level college institutions.


  • Strayer University will only accept transfer credit into undergraduate programs for courses in which the student received a grade of "C" (2.0 quality points) or better.
  • Strayer University will accept transfer credit into undergraduate programs for courses in which the student received a grade of “D” if the student completed a degree program at that specific college or university.
  • Strayer University will accept "P" (Pass) grades for transfer credit when an institution does not offer other grades (i.e. A, B, C) and the pass grade is given academic credit.


  • Strayer University will only accept transfer credit into the graduate program for courses in which the student has received a grade of "B" (3.0 quality points) or better.
  • To fulfill undergraduate prerequisite requirements in Strayer University graduate programs, Strayer University will accept credit from courses in which the student has received a grade of "D".
  • For courses labeled with 499, 590, or 599, Strayer University will not grant transfer credit. Those courses must be taken in residency.

The maximum transfer credit that will be awarded from an accredited institution that grants only associate degrees shall not exceed the equivalent of a single associate degree.

Transfer credit accepted upon admission into an undergraduate certificate program count toward the maximum number of credits that may be transferred when matriculating to a diploma, associate or bachelor's degree at the University. The same rule applies when matriculating between a graduate certificate program and a master's degree program.

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