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How Can Social Tools Enhance Online Learning?

Mar 27, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Social media has been a mixed bag for educators alike. And while the dream is that we can harness...
Tags: Social MediaSocial NetworksOnline LearningOnline ClassesKhan AcademyJennifer Cook

2013: A No-Nonsense Plan to Setting Effective Education...

Mar 26, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
You may be at any number of different stages on your way to reaching your education goal, whether...
Tags: Education GoalsJennifer Cook

Top Employers That Offer Tuition Reimbursement

Mar 25, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Turns out that the best way to pay for your college education is to get someone else to foot the...
Tags: Financing Your DegreeTuition ReimbursementJennifer CookDeloitteLockheed MartinAppleMcAffeeRaytheonADPBPJ.P. MorganAETNAWells Fargo

How the Internet has Changed the Future of Higher Education

Mar 25, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The freedom of information online has spearheaded revolutions in retail, marketing, politics and...
Tags: Online CollegeDigital LearningJennifer Cook

Why Humanities Is Crucial For Business Degree Students

Mar 24, 2013   |  by Strayer Univers...
“Why do I have to take Humanities for a business degree?” is a common question when I start...
Tags: HumanitiesBusiness DegreeDr. William “Stew” McConnell

Use Virtual Internships To Advance Your Career

Mar 22, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The more I study the career landscape for college graduates, the more I think internships are...
Tags: Virtual InternshipRemote InternshipWorking RemotelyJennifer Cook

How Employers Regard Online Education

Mar 20, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Throughout the last century, virtual learning has risen from a simple television program to entire...
Tags: Online CoursesDegree OnlineJennifer Cook

Advantages Of Studying From Your Laptop

Mar 19, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
People often ask whether online education can really match traditional classroom learning in...
Tags: Digital LearningOnline EducationJennifer Cook

Retirees Seek Second Careers Through Online Learning

Mar 18, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Retirement isn’t what it used to be. People are living longer, and while they may have craved the...
Tags: Jennifer CookRetireesOnline Learning

The Value Of An Education At Any Age

Mar 15, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The age demographics of people going to college, either for the first time or going back for more...
Tags: Jennifer Cook

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