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Maintaining A Professional Image

Feb 28, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
A degree provides a level of education that employers value.  However, presenting oneself in a...
Tags: Jennifer Cookcareer growthMarketing

A Blueprint for Finding a Career After College

Feb 21, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
The transition from student to professional may seem difficult; however the ample opportunities...
Tags: Jennifer CookOnline EducationCollege DegreeNetworkingInternship

Are You a Boss-Hater?

Feb 19, 2014   |  by Jack Welch
We realize there are days when it can feel as if everyone around you is inept. Companies, after...
Tags: Jack Welch Management InstituteJack Welchcareer growth

Irving on the Road: Life as a Celebrity

Feb 14, 2014   |  by Irving
  My racing days may be over, but my fame hasn’t lost its luster. I have a shiny new suit, red and...
Tags: Strayer BuzzStrayer UniversityIrvingNASCAR

Great News for Grads: the Job Market is Improving

Feb 13, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
It seems that no matter where we look today, there are signs of hope and signs of detriment.  This...
Tags: Jennifer CookCollege DegreeOnline EducationNetworkingemployment

Maintaining Health and Fitness While You’re in College

Feb 12, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
The schedule of a college student can be quite hectic.  For those balancing school, work and a...
Tags: Jennifer CookOnline Degrees

Strayer University’s Business Program

Feb 11, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
At Strayer University, we’ve been educating working adults since 1892. That’s over 120 years of...
Tags: Jennifer CookOnline EducationMBAEMBABBACollege DegreeBusiness Degree

Serving The Community Can Help People in School and in...

Feb 10, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
There are many benefits to helping those in need.  When choosing to volunteer, one learns to work...
Tags: Jennifer CookOnline EducationCollege Degreecareer growth

How to do Effective Research For a College Paper

Feb 5, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
Writing a college paper can be one of those daunting tasks that we dread from the first day of...
Tags: Jennifer CookCollege DegreeOnline EducationWriting

How to Overcome Writer's Block

Feb 4, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
  Writers from every discipline, from student to professional, have suffered from the dreaded...
Tags: Jennifer CookOnline EducationCollege DegreeWriting

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