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Do Employers Value Online Degrees?

Mar 11, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Distance learning has often faced an uphill battle when it comes to public perception. The worry...
Tags: Jennifer CookDistance LearningOnline DegreesOnline Learning

4 Tips For Balancing Your Student Schedule

Mar 7, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
You don’t realize how valuable your time is until you’re forced to realize how little of it you...
Tags: Jennifer Cook

How to Balance an Education with Other Life Responsibilities

Mar 4, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Many college students find it difficult to balance the requirements and responsibilities of...
Tags: Work/Life/School BalanceEducational ResourcesFamilyDowntimeJennifer Cook

How To Pay For Your Degree With Scholarships And Grants

Feb 27, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
If people put just a fraction of the time they put into looking for sources of free money for...
Tags: Jennifer CookScholarships

The Debate: Online Courses Vs Traditional Instruction

Feb 26, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The controversy surrounding online universities has always centered on the benefit of classroom...
Tags: Distance LearningOnline CoursesJennifer Cook

Providing For A Family With A Better Education

Feb 25, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Education is merely a path to the place you want to be in your life. What is your vision for your...
Tags: Higher EducationEarningEducation and EarningsSalaryIncomeJennifer Cook

Family And An Online Degree

Feb 22, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
There are a lot of reasons to go to an online college for your degree (convenience, flexibility,...
Tags: Jennifer Cook

The Ultimate Guide To Acing Scholarship Applications

Feb 21, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The cost of college weighs on every student’s mind. But there’s money out there to help you...
Tags: ScholarshipsJennifer Cook

5 Ways A Higher Education Takes You To The Next Level

Feb 20, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
You don’t have to go far to find people extolling the virtues of education, and we at Strayer...
Tags: Jennifer Cook

How To Fast Track Your Career With An Online Degree

Feb 18, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The value of education in today’s economy is measured in how you can apply it over the life of...
Tags: Jennifer Cook

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