Ahead Of The Curve: Setting Achievable Financial Goals

Jan 4, 2013
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What does your current role entail?
I am responsible for assisting the senior leadership team in defining the company’s long-term goals and identifying underlying initiatives to deliver those goals. My role is centered on the clients and collaboration to leverage the breadth and depth of our organization. We currently have nine multiyear strategic initiatives under way that will help to drive significant value to our clients, financial advisers and shareholders. It’s important for me to ensure that the portfolio of initiatives remain relevant and deliver maximum value.


What do you enjoy most about your work?
I really like the division I work in—wealth, brokerage and retirement—and that I have an opportunity to help set the strategic plan, define initiatives to realize our vision and lead organizational change toward the goal of meeting all of our clients’ financial needs within and across our core businesses. I also work directly with other business leaders in my division, which is made up of more than 40,000 employees and more than 15,000 financial advisers. I enjoy getting to work at all levels of the organization, the everchanging environment and the challenges facing our clients and the business both internally and externally. I especially enjoy being a part of the team of top-notch professionals who comprise our division’s strategy. We are constantly learning from one another every day.
How critical is strategic planning, both for your role and the organization?
It gives an organization a clear vision and a path for the future beyond the day-to-day pressures and goals of a publicly traded firm. Strategic planning helps us stay focused on the company’s most important needs and goals, and gives us a solid plan for how we’ll get there. It helps everyone get on the same page and move toward a common vision. 
What is the biggest challenge you face?
Some of the biggest challenges are trying to work in the current economic environment and adjusting to the increased regulatory changes that face this industry. There are definitely added pressures that I didn’t have to consider 10 years ago. 
What has changed the most over the last decade?
Our clients’ needs are constantly evolving, especially when it comes to preparing for retirement. Today, people are relying less on traditional methods of retirement planning, such as pensions, and are looking to new avenues to save for their retirement. We want to help them be successful in the new environment. 
What are Wells Fargo clients’ main concerns about their financial futures?
In today’s world of uncertainties, people are concerned about their financial stability in the future. In addition to planning for retirement, clients are also focused on meeting broader financial needs, such as saving for college or buying a home. It’s up to the professionals in my field to work closely with our clients to understand their complete set of goals and help them develop a
comprehensive and realistic financial plan. 
What is your most important piece of retirement advice?
Planning is the cornerstone of being ready for retirement or meeting any financial goal. Too many people wait too long before they start thinking about retirement—they have to start now. During the planning stage, we all need to be honest about what we can achieve and what our needs and desires will be in the future. 




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