Buyer’s Remorse: Tips for Making the Most of Your Decision to Return to School

Jan 15, 2013
  |  by Andrew Hamilton

We’ve all experienced that feeling of exhilaration when we purchase something that seems right at the time but that quickly seems to be a potential mistake. We often coin this “buyer’s remorse.” It happens when the pants we just bought don’t fit quite as well at home as they did in the dressing room. It also happens when we dare to try something new, and the fear of failure sets in.

As you embark on your new journey back to school, you may be feeling the same type of sentiment. After all, returning to school is an important choice that requires continual determination and hard work.  It is important during those moments of doubt, especially during your first few months back to school, to remember why you returned to school in the first place. You had a goal, a dream, and a plan. You knew that returning to school could help you achieve personal, financial, and professional success. So what’s happening that is allowing doubt to creep in like an unwelcome visitor at holiday time? A best guess is that time management may be the ultimate culprit.

You’re busy! Perhaps you work a full-time or part-time job. Perhaps you care for your children during the day or have active social commitments. Perhaps you have a solid support system, or perhaps those around you do not yet understand the value of your new journey. Whatever your story might be, it is important to develop a plan to help you juggle life’s to-do list. That includes the portion related to completing your school work.

Tips for Making the Most of Your 24-Hour Day:

1.     Make a Plan – Whether you use a calendar or the back of an envelope, try planning out your week. What commitments do you have? What assignments are due? When you make a plan, even if you have to veer off that plan from time to time, you are much more likely to accomplish your to-do list.

2.     Begin Early – They say “the early bird gets the worm.” Those who begin completing school work early in the week have more time and energy to devote to each task than those who leave everything until the last minute. Life happens, which means detours happen. Prepare ahead for those detours by beginning early to allow for unexpected life hiccups.

3.     Ask for Help – Clearly, you’re a strong person. You’re back in school and taking charge of your future. Remember that your independence does not mean you are an island. It is okay to ask for help. You are not alone at Strayer. Your professor, advisor, and classmates are all excellent sources of support. Reach out when needed.

4.     Reward Yourself – Receiving your diploma may be your ultimate goal, but don’t wait until you walk across the stage in your cap and gown to celebrate your accomplishments. Each time you submit an assignment or participate in a discussion, you are creating your future. Celebrate your grades, and most importantly, celebrate your efforts.

You may always wish there were more than 24 hours in a given day in order to help you  accomplish all of life’s tasks. Yet with a bit of time management, perhaps you can turn those initial feelings of “buyer’s remorse” into reaffirmations that your journey back to school is worth the time and effort you put into it each and every day.

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