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Strayer University Welcomes Steve Harvey and the Success...

Jul 28, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
    Success means different things for different people. For many, the first thing that comes...

5 Things to Know About Online Education

Jul 24, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
The idea of learning online has taken off in recent years, becoming a popular and effective way...

The Importance of IT Certifications

Apr 7, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
There has been a longstanding debate on the importance of IT certifications.   While the lucky few...
Tags: College DegreeOnline CoursesInformation Technology

The IT Job Market and its Importance to a Business

Apr 2, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
As businesses become more reliant on technology, they also become more dependent on those who...
Tags: Jennifer CookInformation TechnologyCollege DegreeOnline EducationBusiness

Great News for Grads: the Job Market is Improving

Feb 13, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
It seems that no matter where we look today, there are signs of hope and signs of detriment.  This...
Tags: Jennifer CookCollege DegreeOnline EducationNetworkingemployment

Strayer University’s Business Program

Feb 11, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
At Strayer University, we’ve been educating working adults since 1892. That’s over 120 years of...
Tags: Jennifer CookOnline EducationMBAEMBABBACollege DegreeBusiness Degree

How to do Effective Research For a College Paper

Feb 5, 2014   |  by Jennifer Cook
Writing a college paper can be one of those daunting tasks that we dread from the first day of...
Tags: Jennifer CookCollege DegreeOnline EducationWriting

The Most Lucrative Careers You can Break into with an...

Aug 9, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Often I get in debates with people over the value of online learning technology, and someone...
Tags: Jennifer CookDegree ValueValue of EducationFinanceHealthcareMarketingInformation SystemsInformation Technology

Is a Business Degree Worth it?

Aug 9, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The above question isn’t an original one. Everywhere I look I read articles and commentary by...
Tags: Jennifer CookBusiness DegreeMaster of Business AdministrationDegree ValueValue of EducationEntrepreneurship

Degree Spotlight: Master’s of Public Administration

Jul 29, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Public policy attracts anyone who wants to make a big difference in the world. Our public and...
Tags: Jennifer CookDegree Spotlight: Master’s of Public AdministrationPublic AdministrationPublic Policy

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