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Degree Spotlight: Master’s of Health Services Administration

Jul 29, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
With our rapidly aging population and the extension of life expectancy across the globe,...
Tags: Master’s of Health Services AdministrationJennifer CookHealthcareHealthcare Administration

Degree Spotlight: Master’s in Human Resource Management

Jul 29, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The world of corporate talent management and training is complex, and companies need skilled,...
Tags: Jennifer CookHRHuman Resource ManagementHuman ResourcesMaster’s in Human Resource ManagementTrainingDevelopment

Degree Spotlight: Master's of Education

Jul 29, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The world of education is changing, and educators and administrators need to keep pace with the...
Tags: Education and Earningseducationcollege educationTeachingValue of EducationJennifer Cook

Degree Spotlight: Bachelor's Degree in Economics

Jul 29, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
We live in a data-driven world, and the need for skilled individuals who can dig into that data...
Tags: Jennifer CookBachelor's Degree in EconomicsEconomics

Degree Spotlight: Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice

Jul 29, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The pursuit of law and order is something that our society as a whole has a significant investment...
Tags: Bachelors in Criminal JusticeJennifer CookCollege DegreeLaw EnforcementPoliceCriminal Justice

Why Online Learning is the Future of Education

Jul 11, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Anyone who’s taken a college course in the last decade has realized it: you can get the same...
Tags: Degree ValueValue of EducationOnline EducationJennifer Cook

How the Internet has Changed the Future of Higher Education

Mar 25, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The freedom of information online has spearheaded revolutions in retail, marketing, politics and...
Tags: Online CollegeDigital LearningJennifer Cook

Why Humanities Is Crucial For Business Degree Students

Mar 24, 2013   |  by Strayer Univers...
“Why do I have to take Humanities for a business degree?” is a common question when I start...
Tags: HumanitiesBusiness DegreeDr. William “Stew” McConnell

How Employers Regard Online Education

Mar 20, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
Throughout the last century, virtual learning has risen from a simple television program to entire...
Tags: Online CoursesDegree OnlineJennifer Cook

The Value Of An Education At Any Age

Mar 15, 2013   |  by Jennifer Cook
The age demographics of people going to college, either for the first time or going back for more...
Tags: Jennifer Cook

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