Strayer Welcomes New Partner & Former Football Champion, Charles Mann

We are very proud to announce our new partnership with businessman and former Washington Redskins player, Charles Mann who joins the Strayer University family as a success story, inspiration and graduate of Strayer’s class of 2015. On what inspired him to go back to school, Charles explains, “I started something and did not complete it… […]

Strayer University CEO, Karl McDonnell

Meet our CEO – Karl McDonnell

Karl McDonnell has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Strayer University since 2013. We chatted with him about his role, background, and advice to young students and leaders. Tell me about your role here at Strayer. What does a typical day look like? Well, to begin, there’s no typical day! My role here is […]

Student studying for an online degree.

Eight Smart Ways to Pay for College

Struggling to figure out how to pay for college? We’ve listed out nine smart ways to finance your education responsibly to get your college degree. 1. Grants Student grants are essentially monetary gifts given to individuals pursuing higher education. Unlike student loans, grants require no reimbursement at all. When applying or looking into grants, remember […]

Leader speaking to professionals

5 Skills Every Leader Needs

Every leader has to undergo a period of trial and error before he or she learns what will truly motivate employees and improve business. However, familiarizing yourself with proven strategies of leadership can help you skip the errors and head straight for success. We’ve compiled a list of five strategic leadership skills that can transform […]