Degree Spotlight: Master’s of Health Services Administration

With our rapidly aging population and the extension of life expectancy across the globe, healthcare is simultaneously one of the fastest growing and most complex sectors of the economy. The job prospects for anyone with valuable skills in this field are phenomenal, as are the salary prospects and opportunity to make a difference in people’s […]


Degree Spotlight: Master’s in Human Resource Management

The world of corporate talent management and training is complex, and companies need skilled, knowledgeable individuals who can help them recruit, retain and train people with the skills they need to accomplish their business goals and stay competitive. Human resource manager, training coordinators and administrators all need to be aware of how critical the people […]


Degree Spotlight: Master’s of Public Administration

Public policy attracts anyone who wants to make a big difference in the world. Our public and private civil institutions are geared toward solving complex social problems ranging from taxation and poverty to industry regulation, and skilled people are needed to keep those organizations functioning. If you are interested in going far in public service, […]