Associate in Arts in Marketing - North Carolina

Learn Marketing Skills that will Improve your Consumer and Business Relationship Building with an Associate in Marketing

Choosing Strayer University's Associate in Arts in Marketing* (AAMK) program** will prepare you for exciting and dynamic work.

Marketing is an ongoing communication with consumers that not only seeks to educate and inform, but also build a relationship over time with the goal of providing value. The growth of digital media and advertising, powered by social media, mobile and new technology, continues to open new avenues of communication with consumers. Combined with the continued power of traditional media—such as television, radio and print—businesses and government agencies are expanding their marketing operations – creating more marketing jobs.

Strayer's marketing degree program will prepare you for careers in all aspects of marketing, in businesses ranging from the small sole proprietorship to the large corporation, as well as public sector organizations like government agencies, hospitals and schools. Enroll in the associate in marketing program at Strayer, and you will:

  • Expand your knowledge of the skills, tactics, and tools used in the industry.
  • Refine your ability to analyze and generate demand for products and services, and monitor trends.
  • Learn the fine points of this fast-paced and interesting field—and increase your marketability.

Online classes and on-campus coursework prepares students for marketing careers in organizations of all types and sizes, from the small sole proprietorship to the large corporation.

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