To be the best, you have to learn from the best. Imagine having the opportunity to learn management skills directly from the greatest leaders of our time. One of the fastest-growing MBA programs in the world, the Jack Welch MBA shapes Jack Welch’s proven business and leadership techniques into a high-impact, living curriculum that you can apply immediately to your current job to help accelerate your career and win in the most demanding global business environments.


As a student at the Jack Welch Management Institute, not only will you achieve a strong academic grounding in fundamental areas like strategy, marketing, finance, and operations, you’ll also live and breathe Jack’s winning philosophy on leadership development, people management, and more. You’ll engage in up-to-the-moment debate on emergent business news and stay on pulse with the world economy. You’ll hear lessons from over a dozen of today’s top CEOs who have contributed exclusive videos and guest lectures to our program.


Jack Welch designed this acclaimed MBA program to be an educational environment where individual contributors, entrepreneurs, team leaders, senior managers, and CEOs alike could share ideas across industries and geographies. Indeed, at the Jack Welch Management Institute, our students seem to share only one marked characteristic: they are working business people with dreams of galvanizing their organizations and careers.



Richly interactive, fully online, mobile-friendly program allows you to build momentum in your career while you earn your degree.


Richly interactive, fully online, mobile-friendly program allows you to build momentum in your career while you earn your degree.



70% of Jack Welch MBA students who responded to our most recent Graduate Survey reported they received a raise or promotion since starting the program.



The JWMI EMBA is accredited by ACBSP, a specialized business school accreditation that many employers look for.

The Jack Welch MBA delivers all the fundamentals, layering in theory from thought leaders around the world and the latest business practices. Add that to a program guided by Jack Welch's singular presence, his insight into the current business landscape and his passionate emphasis on people management, and you have an MBA like no other.



We're teaching a methodology that's proven to win. -Jack Welch

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Information for Tennessee Online Students

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Jack Welch MBA



Forge a plan for meaningful career development, where you currently work or as part of a new business venture
Exert strong and courageous leadership in a way that energizes and empowers others
Help employees live and breathe your company vision
Recruit, hire and motivate the best people, regardless of resources
Unleash the transformative power of candor and differentiation in any organization
Lead change effectively and swiftly
Create a winning competitive strategy to invent the future
Write a budget that inspires people to innovate
Build creative, productive teams that can cooperate, even in contentious circumstances
Install and manage a rigorous evaluation system to help employees at every level continually upgrade their skills
Deploy the best practices in the ever-evolving field of marketing
Make verbal and written presentations that inform and persuade
Interpret and use financial tools such as discounted cash flow and regression analysis
Capitalize on the power of globalization
Manage successful mergers and acquisitions
Infuse a team with the power of celebration

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$3,250.00 per course (Full-Time), $3,250.00 per course (Part Time). Textbooks and supplies are not included in the tuition rates and must be purchased by the student. You should allow approximately $1,800.00 for textbooks and supplies over the course of your degree.

Tuition rates apply to all new and readmit graduate students. For all students enrolled as an undergraudate prior to Winter 2014, please Click here for graduate tuition rates.


Graduate in 1.5 to 3 years

  Classes Per Quarter Time to Graduate
Full-time 2 or more per quarter (classes start 4 times per year) 1.5 years or fewer
Part-time 1 class per quarter (classes start 4 times per year) 3 years

Strayer University's academic calendar runs on te quarter systems, which means that classes start 4 times per year. Classes meet for 11 weeks with 1-2 week breaks between quarters. The above times to graduate assume that students are enrolled in consecutive quarters. All of these facts and figures refer to any concentration that you choose.


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JWI 505-Business Communications and Ethics

To win in business, candor and integrity are imperative. In this course, students will learn how to inform, inspire, persuade, and engage people in person and in writing. Through real-world examples, they will also understand how to discern the bright line between ethical and unethical conduct and to act with integrity at all times. This course examines two areas crucial to success in business:communication and ethics. The foundation of the course is a study of techniques to improve the students' verbal and written communication skills. It also examines various issues related to communication in business, especially the importance of candor and transparency to the Jack Welch approach to management. The second thrust of the course is to emphasize the need for ethical business practices by examining various ethical dilemmas a business leader faces.

JWI 510-Leadership in the 21st Century

Leadership is different from management. Managers get predictable things done predictably. Leaders inspire action and adaptability in an unpredictable world. Delve into the concepts, tools and skills leaders need today. Combine theory and practice to examine such topics as strengthening emotional intelligence, motivating people to achieve strong results, managing conflict, leading change, aligning teams and eliciting support from colleagues and bosses. Learn Jack Welch's time-tested techniques for high- performance team leadership.

JWI 515-Managerial Economics

This course examines how managers can utilize economic tools and techniques in solving and making business decisions. Managerial Economics analyzes supply and demand, profit optimization, cost minimization and pricing practices. It also examines the impact of economic indicators on business performance. This course teaches managers how to analyze risk and apply the analysis in making prudent business decisions. Primary emphasis will be on understanding and applying concepts, and the implications of analysis on managerial decision making.

JWI 518-Marketing in a Global Environment

Marketing is the process of turning wants and needs into decisions and actions. It involves a range of activities designed to convey a persuasive message to a target audience. The course covers marketing plans, qualitative and quantitative research, consumer psychology, product positioning and strategy, pricing, packaging,brand equity, advertising, the marketing mix, customer value, and business-to-business global marketing. This course focuses on strategic marketing decision making in a global environment. It reviews concepts of marketing theory, select analytic tools, and the dynamics of the marketing mix. The primary focus is on developing skills to design and implement an effective marketing mix and to resolve marketing issues in a given situation. Course objectives are accomplished through case analysis and discussions reflecting a global perspective and assessed through the development and presentation of a marketing plan in a group setting.

JWI 520-People Management

Early on in your career, professional success depends on your innate talents, how you develop those talents, and your initial career decisions. But once you become a manager, your ability to select, develop, promote, and manage the right people become the most important determinant of success. In this course, students explore two general areas of people management: hiring and positioning the right players for organizational needs; and managing people once the players are in place. Specific topics include sourcing and integrating new talent, managing strategic talent inventory, working with HR and organized labor, performance evaluations, and reward systems.

JWI 530-Financial Management I

Effective financial decisions are the lifeblood of any company. This course examines the basic analytical principles of corporate finance,as well as the techniques of financial analysis and decision-making,cash-flow analysis, risk management, and capital budgeting. Students also learn the function and value of equity and capital markets and the roles of financial institutions today.

JWI 531-Financial Management II

A continued exploration of corporate finance, this course focuses on the advanced financial management skills required to evaluate assets and manage risk in a global market. Students learn such analytical approaches as capital budgeting and the weighted average cost of capital, and then apply them to resource decisions involving domestic and international projects. They also gain a deeper understanding of the movement of exchange rates, interest rates, and other factors that influence capital markets. In today's competitive business environment, companies must find innovative and creative ways to facilitate quick and sustainable growth. This course has been designed to develop skills to achieve this goal. The course covers such topics as managing relationships between stakeholders and evaluating mergers and acquisitions bids and the companies behind them. The course focuses on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to succeed in today's fast paced business world.

JWI 540-Strategy

This course focuses on the skills needed by leaders and managers to understand and develop business strategies. A primary emphasis of the course is Jack Welch's approach to developing and evaluating a strategy compared and contrasted with traditional and theoretical approaches. The course describes the various stages in the strategic planning process, including an analysis of the external environment and internal organizational capabilities. The course explores criteria for, and the impact of, mergers and acquisitions and analyzes organic growth strategies to achieve a competitive advantage. The overriding goal of the course is to enable students to effectively use strategy to develop an overall plan of action designed to achieve the higher-level goals of an organization.

JWI 550-Operations Management

Whether you're running a restaurant or a bank, business demands the efficient delivery of high-quality goods and services to customers. To get things done, managers need a laser-like focus on operations. This course explores such topics as process mapping, capacity analysis,operations design, quality improvement, inventory and supply chain management, Six Sigma and lean operations techniques, forecasting and planning, and sustainability. Whether you're running a restaurant or a bank, business comes down to the efficient delivery of high quality goods and services to the customer. To get things done, you need a laser-like focus on operations.

JWI 555-Organizational Change and Culture

From the rapid advance of technology to the steady march of globalization, powerful forces of change are shaping today’s business landscape. As leaders grapple with these forces, they also face enormous resistance to change. In this course, students learn a powerful framework for understanding and marshaling change.

They also hear real stories and concrete strategies from the trenches at major organizations like GE – including Work-Out, Rapid Results, and Six Sigma – and learn when to use each tool. Ultimately, you will understand the importance of a leader’s ability to drive change through persuasive communication, simplifying structures, performance management, and cultural alignment.

JWI 575-New Business Ventures and Entrepreneurship

Anyone can display an entrepreneurial streak, but not everyone can be an entrepreneur. In this course, students learn what makes an entrepreneur tick, and then walk through the stages of planning, financing, and launching a new business. The course covers business plan development, market analysis, competitive positioning, business models, funding sources, company formation, intellectual property, sales, marketing, and hiring. The insights gained will also give learners a leg-up in launching new projects or new ventures within existing businesses.

JWI 599-Capstone

Tie together everything you’ve learned in the Jack Welch MBA program. See how key management concepts integrate with Jack Welch's principles and practices about organizational effectiveness. Bring concepts to life with a management simulation in a real-world situation. Demonstrate your ability to analyze, interpret, synthesize and communicate with a “CEO mindset.”

JWI 580-Business Analytics

Provides graduate business students with an overview of the quantitative strategies and techniques used to analyze business data. Emphasis will be placed on improving decision outcomes in business functions. Students will learn how to develop a core competency in business analytics in their respective businesses. In addition, students will manage a business analytics project from planning to implementation.This course is five (5) weeks in length.

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