Master of Science in Accounting

Public Accounting

Increase the Sum Total of Your Knowledge with a Masters Degree in Accounting

Strayer Universitys Master in Accounting with Public Accounting* concentration provides great insight into the business world and provides you with important flexibility within all realms of corporate life. With a Master of Science in Accounting (MSAC) degree, you can embark upon a new adventure in your career.

Explore advanced public accounting topics. Enhance your knowledge of key areas, including regulation, auditing, the business environment, and financial accounting and reporting.

Coursework will prepare graduates to work in public accounting firms or to take on the responsibilities of a CPA in any sector. Also provides preparation* for the CPA exam.

*Does not by itself meet the requirements to obtain licensure for CPA; check with your state board of accountancy for specific requirements.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recommend solutions to ethical situations in the context of the ethics and responsibilities of accountants, informed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Code of Professional Conduct, tax practice, common law liability to clients and third parties, and federal statutory liability.
  • Apply the rules of contract law, the UCC, and real property issues to business situations and recommend solutions.
  • Develop solutions to problems applicable to the federal taxation of individuals, corporations, partnerships, fiduciaries, estates, and gifts.
  • Apply the techniques of financial statement audits and Electronic Data Processing (EDP) audits to businesses and prepare the various types of audit reports, as well as other types of reports issued by the CPA in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Analyze the microeconomic and macroeconomic principles, both domestically and internationally, that impact businesses and recommend solutions.
  • Apply various advanced financial management tools and planning and measurement methodologies to business situations and recommend solutions.
  • Analyze the methodologies that apply to the transactions and financial statements of for-profit companies, not-for-profits, and governmental entities, as well as business combinations.
  • Demonstrate improved oral and written communication skills in presenting and analyzing financial accounting and reporting information.


  • ACC 575-Business Law and Tax
  • ACC 576-Auditing and Business Concepts
  • ACC 577-Comprehensive Financial Accounting

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