Master of Health Services Administration




Keep your Career Healthy with a Master’s Degree

Consider a Strayer University Master of Health Services Administration (MHSA) degree if you want a career in one of the most powerful industries – and one that is the largest provider of jobs in the United States.

Many health services professionals enter the healthcare industry because they have a passion to help and serve others through their work and contributions. By earning a Strayer health services Master’s degree, you will gain advanced knowledge and fundamental skills that will catapult you to a management role in dozens of settings, including hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, health information technology firms, and government/policy organizations.

Courses in information technology, accounting, management, ethics, and human resources expose you to core fundamentals that will advance your career in this dynamic and exciting field.

Key Learning Objectives

Integrate knowledge of social, economic, political, and professional forces to the management of the organization, and develop policies and practices that align with business strategies.

  • Develop the skills to conduct financial planning, manage financial operations, and measure financial performance.
  • Develop effective strategic and marketing plans to position the organization for success within the complex health care environment.
  • Utilize appropriate information systems and various technologies in the collection and analysis of health care data.
  • Demonstrate analytical skills, and the application of statistical, quantitative, and economic principles and tools to the health care decision-making process.
  • Refine your ability to apply ethical thinking and judgment to a wide range of health services situations.
  • Develop and demonstrate skills in leadership, interpersonal relations, conflict resolution, and change management.

*Completion of Strayer University’s Master of Health Services Administration program does not guarantee a student has met the requirements to apply for licensure as a health care administrator in any state. Students pursuing professional health care certifications should contact their respective state health departments to confirm educational requirements before beginning the program.

Component Total 13.5

Minimum Total Quarter Hours Required for Graduation 54.0

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