The Directed Learning Project (DLP) enables students to gain professional experience in a specific curriculum-related area in order to obtain college-level credit in the bachelor’s program that will enhance their degree. Students are mentored through the course by a supervising professor in the appropriate discipline. The DLP is intended to provide a structured learning experience for students to gain additional knowledge that will reinforce their degree program and support the student's career goals.

DLP Objective:

The Directed Learning Project is an example of the University’s dedication to high quality education for adult students. This experiential learning gives students the opportunity to develop themselves both personally and professionally. Through the development of professional knowledge and skills, students will demonstrate their learning experience in order to earn college-level credit in a specific curriculum-related area to enhance their educational experience.

Learning Outcomes:

After successful completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Develop and apply professional skills to a learning project.
  • Formulate and use analytical models for problem solving.
  • Determine budget requirements associated with business processes within a project (if applicable).
  • Conduct research related to a professional knowledge area using various resources, synthesize the information to reach informed conclusions with supporting rationale, and prepare a research report on the conclusions.
  • Create a personal development plan.
  • Understand and apply emerging technologies that apply to their specific learning project (if applicable).

Students interested in the Directed Learning Project (DLP) will enroll in one of the following discipline courses:

  • ACC 399: Directed Learning Project in Accounting
  • BUS 399: Directed Learning Project in Business
  • CIS 399: Directed Learning Project in Information Systems

Applying for a DLP Instructions

  • Students must consult and gain approval from their Campus Dean in order to participate in the DLP.
  • Students must be in one of the bachelor’s programs in accounting, business or information systems.
  • Students must have successfully completed a minimum of 45 credit hours (10 courses).
  • Students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 ("C") or better.
  • Students must have developed and have an approved Directed Learning Project Agreement (DLPA).
  • Pay all registration fees as with any other course at Strayer University.

DLP Policies

The DLP is subject to all add/drop policies. The course must also follow the University’s attendance policy. Students are expected to report regularly to their supervising professor. Students who fail to meet the attendance requirement for four consecutive weeks will be withdrawn automatically from the course and are subject to the normal fees associated with withdrawals.

The DLP course follows the same guidelines as any other Strayer University undergraduate course which is awarded academic credit. The DLP must be taken in residence and supervised by the University’s academic department. The DLP may not be taken as a mini-session course. The DLP is intended to supplement and not duplicate course work taken in the student’s degree program. To enhance the learning experience, students will research the professional knowledge area associated with the course objectives and prepare a research report as a component of the DLP.

A Directed Learning Project may be taken one time per degree program. Successful completion of a DLP will be applied to the student’s general elective component. It cannot be used as a course substitution. Students may not repeat a DLP course in the same discipline. Students who fail the DLP are not eligible to pursue any another DLP in the future. The DLP must be completed in a single academic term. Students may not participate in a DLP in their final term.

Developing the DLP Agreement

  • Students will develop a learning contract, the Directed Learning Project Agreement (DLPA).
  • The contract will serve as the plan for the course and include the purpose of the project, specific learning objectives, course assignments and assessments, research requirements and the responsibilities of all participating parties.
  • The DLPA must be completed and signed by the student, supervising faculty member, campus dean, and dean of the school.
  • Students are responsible for securing a faculty member willing to serve as the faculty supervisor for the learning project. The faculty member must be from the student’s home campus and possess in-depth knowledge of the student’s proposed learning topic.
  • All appropriate signatures must be obtained by the student. Copies must be given to all signing parties prior to the start of the term.
  • The DLPA will replace the course syllabus for the project and must outline specific learning outcomes and weekly objectives, course assignments, any assigned readings, the research aspects of the course, and student assessments.
  • By participating in the process of determining needs, formulating objectives, choosing strategies and evaluating accomplishments, students will develop a sense of ownership and commitment to the plan.
  • The research requirement of the course can be in the form of an informational report or problem-solving report related to the professional knowledge area associated with the course objectives.
  • As with any Strayer University course, the DLP will require a grading methodology to be created. The DLP is an academic experience to enable the student to gain additional knowledge that will reinforce their degree program and support career goals.
  • The Directed Learning Project Agreement must be finalized prior to the start of the term.