To make your education at Strayer University more affordable, our Business Office can help you identify, understand and qualify for a variety of financing and financial aid for college options. Available assistance includes federal financial aid programs and other aid, such as military education benefits, state grant programs, and tuition benefit programs.

Federal Financial Aid

Federal Financial Aid ProgramsFederal financial aid programs are available for students who qualify. These include both grants, which do not need to be repaid, and loans, which must be repaid after graduating or enrolling on less than a half-time basis.


Employer Tuition Assistance

Employer Tuition AssistanceMany companies provide tuition benefits to their employees in the form of either direct payment to the school or by reimbursing tuition expenses directly to the employee/student. Please check with your company's Human Resources or Training and Education department for more information about the education benefits available to you.


Military Educational Benefits

Military Educational BenefitsThe U.S. government and Strayer University provide active-duty military and veterans with a number of opportunities to finance their educations. From scholarships for active-duty military and their spouses to veterans educational benefits, we're here to support those who serve.


State Grant Programs

Scholarships and GrantsStudents may qualify for various state financial assistance programs such as Pennsylvania's PHEAA State Grant Program, the Florida State Grant Program, and the Vermont Grant Program. Students should check state agency Web sites based on their campus location or state of residency for more information.


A scholarship is a financial aid award given based upon prior academic achievement or a range of other non-academic criteria. Scholarships do not need to be repaid.

The Bailey Family Foundation Scholarship
The Bailey Family Foundation, founded in 1996 by Strayer University Past President Ron K. Bailey, offers scholarship programs to high school seniors as well as current college students with demonstrated scholastic achievement and financial need. A limited number of these scholarships are reserved for Strayer University students. To qualify, a current student must be in good standing with the University and a new student must be accepted into one of Strayer University's programs. Scholarship applications and additional information are available on the Bailey Family Foundation Web site.

Department of Education
A number of Web sites offer students information and the opportunity to search thousands of scholarships to find ones for which they qualify (including other military scholarships). To begin your search for scholarships, visit the Department of Education's Web site.

Private Loans

Private LoansStrayer University students may also apply for private educational loans, which are credit-based funds provided by outside, nonfederal lenders to pay for the difference between the cost of attendance and amounts receive through loans and grants under federal financial aid programs, scholarships, or other tuition assistance programs. Eligibility, terms and conditions, and amounts of private educational loans are determined by the lender, but they may not exceed the cost of education minus other aid. Private loans are not subsidized and not guaranteed by the federal government.

There are several websites providing lists of different private loan options that can be a helpful first step in considering whether to obtain a private educational loan. An example of these websites is provided below. Students are encouraged to visit actual lender websites in order to find the rates, terms, and services that are right for them.

Students considering private loans should realize that they may qualify for loans or other assistance under Title IV (federal financial aid). The terms and conditions of these loans may be more favorable than the provisions of private education loans. For more information on federal financial aid programs, please visit

At Strayer, we are committed to providing students the best customer service and information regardless of how they finance their education. However, Strayer University is not a lender and is not providing legal, accounting, or financial planning services. Any agreements entered into with lenders exist solely between the lender and the student, and the University recommends that students consult with their own advisors before making educational financing decisions.

Strayer University Financial Aid Code of Conduct

Strayer University expects the highest levels of professionalism and ethical behavior from all of its officers, employees, and agents whose responsibilities include student financial aid matters.

Our Financial Aid Code of Conduct prohibits conflicts of interest on the part of both the University and individual employees regarding Title IV loans.

Reduced Tuition Costs

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Strayer University's Tuition Reduction program builds on the Graduation Fund to help make college more affordable. Read Latest News