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Working Through College

Perhaps you’ve decided to go back to school, or maybe you’re pursuing the course of study you’ve always dreamed of completing to earn your college degree. Like many non-traditional students you’re probably concerned about how to balance work and school with your family and social life, and how you’re going to tackle college affordability. 


Affordability and Possibility

Despite what you may think, pursuing a college degree online while working full-time is possible and affordable. Sure, there are challenges, but there are also many benefits of working while attending college. For one, earning money while taking classes means you can pay off your student loans sooner than if you just attended college full-time without working.

Federal grants and loans, as well as state financial assistance programs, help make college more affordable while you continue to hold down a job, and typically payments are deferred until after graduation. Furthermore, many businesses now offer tuition reimbursement so you can continue your education while working.


Work Experience is a Strength in the Classroom

Additionally, many students discover that working full-time while completing online courses builds confidence and self-esteem -- students report feeling more competitive than ever before, and more motivated to further advance their career trajectory. Working students often apply the knowledge they’ve obtained in the classroom to their current job. These same students also bring their work and life experiences to the classroom, adding a new dimension to their studies. Learning how to balance work, school, and the additional demands of everyday life is a valuable skill that stays with you as you continue to grow both personally and professionally. 


Getting a Degree on Your Terms

Holding down a full-time job while attending college requires planning -- after all, you can’t just ignore the responsibilities of your job or the expectations of your family. One of the benefits of pursuing your degree online with Strayer University is you get to decide when to attend class. Our online classes and learning center are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. If you can log-on to the Internet you can attend classes based around your schedule, at the time that best suits your learning style, whether that’s early in the morning or late at night.

Strayer University also offers students access to free online financial literacy courses. Through the USA Funds Life Skills online learning program, you can learn more about college affordability while learning skills for managing money and time wisely, lessons you can use while you’re pursuing your degree and later in life.

Figuring out how to manage your schedule and finances is critical to successfully completing your degree. At Strayer University, with a little bit of planning and prioritizing, nothing can stop you in the pursuit of your dreams.


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