Getting Credit Policies

Strayer University Policies Governing the Granting of Credit

Strayer University recognizes that you may have earned college-level knowledge through learning you have done outside of this University. In order for this learning to be evaluated for possible college-level credit, students should request an evaluation of their previous experience immediately following acceptance into the University to avoid possible duplication of courses.

Students seeking a credit evaluation must have followed the application procedures outlined in the catalog under “How to Apply”. Evaluations are conducted through the Transfer Credit Evaluation Services Department in accordance with University policy. All credit evaluations are considered on their individual merit. All students are required to meet the academic requirements to be awarded credit.

Strayer University will evaluate and accept credit into certificate, diploma and degree programs. Students must meet specific residency requirements in order to obtain a certificate/diploma or degree at Strayer University. Courses evaluated and granted for credit do not fulfill the residency requirement in any program. The chart below outlines the residency requirements for all of our programs, and the maximum number of credit hours for which a student may be eligible.

Courses evaluated for credit are not included as part of your grade point average; it appears as "TC" on the student record. Each credit option has its own criteria for granting credit. Not all credit options are available for graduate programs. Please refer to the information about each alternative to learn more about the requirements.

Program Maximum Quarter Hours from Evaluated Credits Residency Requirement (quarter hours) Sum of all requirements (quarter hours)
Bachelor of Science
126.0 54.0 180.0
Associate in Arts
63.0 27.0 90.0
Undergraduate Diploma
22.5 31.5 54.0
Undergraduate Certificate
4.5 22.5 27.0
Master’s Degree
18.0 36.0 54.0
Graduate Certificate
4.5 22.5 27.0