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Strayer Commons is a private community on Facebook for enrolled students to connect with classmates, staff and faculty, meet new friends, discuss academics and stay up-to-date on Strayer University news and events. It’s a great way for students to personalize their Strayer University experience and network with other Strayer students at your campus and throughout the US.

As a community member of Strayer Commons, you can:

  • Build a personalized profile which highlights your major, campus, and lets you join more than 4,200 unique communities about topics ranging from Cooking to Classic Rock
  • Network and connect with fellow students, faculty and staff over shared interests, hobbies, and academics
  • Ask questions and get answers from other students, faculty and staff about everything from coursework to financial aid to technical support
  • Enhance your student experience by forming study groups, exchanging books and participating in clubs and organizations
  • Learn about events and opportunities on your local Campus and throughout the University
  • Be the first to hear about new promotions, contests and scholarships as they occur
  • Post status updates about your educational journey and share words of encouragement with others
  • Schedule meet-ups with other students to study for mid-terms, network, or just get together for a movie or a basketball game

Strayer University is committed to providing every student with an excellent educational experience. Strayer Commons is a chance for non-traditional students to make friends and form the bonds with other students that will last a lifetime.

If you haven’t signed up already, join the Strayer Commons community on Facebook.