Innovation comes in all forms. We often think about innovation at a macro level—cutting-edge technology, major strategic overhauls or a brand-new idea. But creativity and imagination can be applied anywhere, from improving a product or making a process more efficient to advancing your career.

In this issue of Scholar, Strayer University students and alumni talk about how they applied innovation to evolve as professionals and as people. Whether producing pioneering hardware or strategically meeting company goals, they think in terms of interest, activity and excitement. The cover person, Keith Brophy (MSIS ’91), talks about spotting opportunities for change and how thinking creatively has helped him start a mobile application development company, where he now inspires others around him to be creative every day.

At Strayer University, we also strive to be innovative. We want to offer students the latest and greatest in course content, technology and information. We are constantly updating our curriculum, and our online classes are becoming more interactive, more engaging and more innovative every quarter.

I hope you are inspired by your fellow students and alumni to bring innovation into your life, no matter how big or small. You may be surprised where it will lead.

Dr. Nicole Morris is responsible for guiding the curriculum and learning outcomes for the College of Arts & Sciences. Prior to joining Strayer University as a faculty member in 2006, Dr. Morris served in several academic roles at the University of Memphis. She holds a doctorate in education from the University of Memphis.