A Bright Spot at Rainy Day Resale

“This is a small town, and it’s great to own a well-loved store at the center of it.”

photo: Sue Ann Birchfield in her store with art umbrellas hanging over her head

Birchfield sells umbrellas as a nod to her store’s name and a reminder that “consigning clothes can help you save for a rainy day,” she says.

When Sue Ann Birchfield (BBA ’11) wandered into a clothing consignment shop in historic downtown La Grange, Ky., it was a serendipitous encounter. “The owner was looking to sell the shop, and I was intrigued,” says Birchfield.

Empowered by her newly earned Strayer University business degree, Birchfield bought the store and quickly made it her own. “I renamed it Rainy Day Resale and redirected marketing efforts to take advantage of free online services, such as Twitter and Facebook,” she says.

Today, the store consigns brand name and designer clothing and accessories for women and girls. Birchfield works with clients wishing to sell their gently used items, selecting and curating a high-end offering for her store. “I have a lot of wonderful, regular customers that I’ve gotten to know really well,” she says.

Rainy Day Resale is located in a historic district known for a train track running down Main Street. “The area definitely brings a lot of tourists and history buffs, which is great for all of the businesses,” says Birchfield. “This is a small town, and it’s great to own a well-loved store at the center of it.”

The Ultimate Success

ying/yang symbol with briefcase and house

79% of American adults view the harmonious balance of career and family as being the ultimate success, over power, possessions or prestige.

— Strayer University’s National Success Project Survey


Internet at Work

Americans say these resources are “very important” when it comes to getting your job done:


— Pew Research Center


detour road sign

What is one thing on which almost all Americans agree?

The road to success is likely to involve detours and unexpected changes

according to 95% of respondents

from all income levels, genders and age ranges.

In fact, 83% of Americans, including 79% of Boomers, still consider themselves to be “a work in progress.”

— American Express LifeTwist Study


app icon with 100,000

An Emerging Market

26 Billion
The projected revenue for the worldwide market of mobile health applications by the end of 2017

The number of mobile health apps published for the iOS and Android mobile operating systems doubled in the past 2.5 years to reach more than 100,000 in 2014. The majority of apps target chronically ill patients (31%) and those interested in health and fitness (28%).

— research2guidance