photo: Kimberly Pope standing in front of the Eisenhower Building

Pope’s favorite building in the White House Complex is the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

History by Design

Kimberly Pope (BBA ’14) moved to Washington, D.C., last year, leaving her family and friends behind in Atlanta for a new city because “this is the kind of job you don’t say no to,” she says. “This is the dream job for an interior designer.”

As an interior designer and space planning specialist for the Office of Administration, Executive Office of the President in Washington, D.C., Pope oversees design projects for the White House complex.

“Every day is different, but mainly my job is to make sure the employees working here have everything they need to do their jobs within these historic and extraordinary structures,” says Pope.

From furniture selection and space planning to art galleries and cultural exhibitions, Pope covers a lot of historic ground. “I’ve been in many nooks and crannies — attics and basements — and it is very special to have that sort of access to history,” she says

Most Popular Criminal Justice Careers

Looking for entry into the criminal justice field? It’s a popular one, with lots of opportunity. These careers are the most popular criminal justice jobs, based on total number of professionals employed:

icons and text: patrol officer, paralegal, probation officer or correctional treatment specialist, detective, legal secretary

— Bureau of Labor Statistics

A New Source of News

A majority of users on both Twitter (63%) and Facebook (63%) now say the sites are a source for news about events and issues outside the realm of friends and family.

The proportion of users who say they follow breaking news on Twitter is nearly twice as high as those who say they do so on Facebook (59% vs. 31%) — confirming the view that Twitter’s strength is providing as-it-happens coverage and commentary on live events.

graphical representation of above statistics

— Pew Research Center

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