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Business Degree - Welcome from the Dean

Welcome to the College of Business. The world of business degrees has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Globalization, technological advancements, ever-expanding market segments as well as economic and political factors have made the business arena ever more competitive.

Whether you want to work for a multinational corporation abroad, a well-known organization in the United States, or run your own business, opportunities abound – and earning the right degree can have a significant impact on your career.  At the College of Business, our renowned faculty have not only earned respected academic credentials, but are proven practitioners and successful leaders in their fields. We’ve handpicked top professionals to join our college because they have a great passion for what they do and are eager to take on roles as mentors, partners and coaches.

How a business degree from Strayer Stands Apart


We provide a curriculum designed to address the global context of business today with the goal for students to develop the skills that will translate to working in world markets or managing their own businesses.

Business degree courses emphasize analytical, decision-making, and critical thinking skills, along with effective writing and communication – key competencies to help advance business careers.

Graduates join alumni who work for a wide variety of respected international corporations, public-sector agencies, and non-profit groups.

Our programs are relevant, challenging and consciously designed to equip you with the kind of education that is in demand by many employers today. Let Strayer empower you to advance in a meaningful business career that you love.

All the best,

Mary K. Carr
Dean of the College of Business

Welcome from the Dean

  1. Mary K. Carr, J.D.
    Mary K. Carr, J.D., Dean of the College of Business at Strayer University, is committed to creating an innovative, engaging and relevant educational experience for every student. She understands the need for students to incorporate their education from today’s classroom into the tomorrow’s workplace. This challenge is met by delivering rigorous business curriculum taught by industry-experienced...