Preparing for Online Education Programs


Before attending your first online class, make sure you're prepared, especially if you're unfamiliar with the online learning environment. Not only will you be ready for a great start, you'll gain a clearer understanding of how online education programs work.

We’ll help you prepare for an education at Strayer University and for online learning. The following essential tips lay the groundwork for success and readiness.


Throughout your online education program, much of your learning will occur at the times you select. This, of course, is one of the greatest benefits of an online education program, but you ultimately bear the responsibility for maintaining your schedule.

Take account of when you normally sleep, eat, work, exercise, and hang out with family and friends. Next, determine how many hours you'll need for schoolwork, including attending classes, completing assignments, reviewing learning materials and notes, and preparing for exams. Merge the two schedules together and see how they fit. You may need to adjust how much time you devote to certain activities.

Add your new schedule to a calendar and include everything, even non-school activities. Also, write up a to-do list for tracking all your assignments and personal responsibilities. A list will help you stay on top of any shifting duties and expectations.


Find a location where you can do your coursework, ideally some place that is consistently available. It may be a home office, or a quiet corner at work or a library. This space must be quiet and free from distractions to ensure focus and productivity.

If you're close to a TV or other tempting gadgets, keep those devices powered off. Share your study schedule with family and friends and offer suggestions for how they can help support your learning.

Study sessions will be easier sitting in a comfortable chair at a well-lit desk, rather than sitting on the floor leaning up against a wall in the dark. Pay attention to workspace ergonomics and make adjustments to make certain you're comfortable.


Determine the technical requirements for all coursework as soon as possible, and gather any necessary hardware and software. Make sure everything is installed and functioning properly so you can hit the ground running on the first day of school.

If you lack certain basic computer skills, like performing routine maintenance, operating required programs, or using search engines effectively for research, seek resources to bring your skills up to speed. Also, if you type fewer than 30 words per minute, consider completing a typing program designed to increase your speed.

Finally, learn all there is to know about the university's LMS (Learning Management System). This is where you'll correspond with professors and other students, download course materials, upload assignments, and view recorded or live presentations. The LMS will be a central component to your online learning, so it's crucial you understand how the interface works.


You know why you're here and what you want to accomplish. Write it down and post it where you can see it while you're studying. When you're clear at the start about the "why" of your online education program, you're better prepared to manage the "how."


You're ready for Strayer University

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