To be awarded this scholarship the following requirements must all be met:

  1. Must be a Strayer Bachelor alum (who has not attended Strayer for more
    than three (3) terms) in New or Readmit status registering for a either a
    Strayer University or JWMI Master’s degree starting Summer 2016 term.
  2. Must not be currently employed by the University, an immediate family
    member or household member of a current Strayer University employee.
  3. The student must meet all Strayer University admissions requirements
    by program.
  4. The student (if a readmit) must be in good financial standing with the
    University ($0 past due balance at time of enrollment).
  5. Cannot be applied with any other scholarship.
  6. Cannot be applied to Strayer@Work, NYCDA, Verizon Onsite or
    Nursing programs.
  7. Student must complete one (1) course in any Master’s program
    in each term.
  8. Student must complete two (2) consecutive terms of study. The
    scholarship should be used in two (2) consecutive terms or may be forfeited.
  9. Scholarship cannot be applied to books or fees.
  10. For students whose tuition is billed to an employer or sponsor,
    the scholarship is applied first to tuition charges and then the sponsor
    is billed the net tuition amount (to the extent tuition benefits are available).
  11. No refund or cash value on unused scholarship dollars.