Tuition Reimbursement and Tuition Management for New Students

Earning your bachelor's degree is now up to $28,400 more affordable with our Tuition Assistance Program.

We've lowered the cost of tuition assistance for new students to help expand more horizons.

The importance of education continues to rise - and so does the cost. So, as a leader in education for working adults, we're out to make a bachelor's degree as affordable as it is important.  That's why we've made a quality degree more affordable, which enables us to help more people graduate and become more valuable to more employers.  We know you're ready for this. And your commitment deserves ours.

20% Tuition reduction to get you started
Save $355 per course.*

Every new student will receive a 20% tuition reduction the day they enroll. That's all there is to it. The minute you enroll, your bachelor's degree is more affordable.

*20% tuition reduction only applies to a bachelor's degree for new student enrollments beginning in the 2014 winter quarter.
A graduation fund to help you finish
Save up to an additional $14,200

We'll also create your own Graduation Fund the day you enroll. As you successfully complete classes, your Graduation Fund automatically grows and can cover the tuition for up to ten of the final classes you need to graduate.

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Leading the way in making education more affordable

  • DeVry $75,516
  • Kaplan $66,780
  • Capella $61,704
  • Phoenix $47,400
  • Strayer $42,600

DEVRY: Tuition calculation based on full-time option estimate of $79,506. Devry University. (last visited on Oct. 22, 2013).
KAPLAN: Tuition calculation based on 180 total program credits for a Bachelor of Science online. Undergraduate Online and Learning Center Tuition, Kaplan University. (last visited on Oct. 22, 2013).
CAPELLA: Tuition calculation based on full-time option, with tuition/credit of $343/credit with 180 total credits. Capella University. (last visited on Oct. 22, 2013).
PHOENIX: Tuition calculation based on tuition/credit of $395/credit with 120 total program credits for a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Marketing. University of Phoenix. (last visited on Oct. 22, 2013).
STRAYER: Tuition calculation based on tuition per course of $1420, with 40 courses required for a Bachelor of Business Administration degree and a further 25% reduction through the Graduation Fund. (last visited on Nov. 5, 2013).

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