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We can help you afford your degree

At Strayer University, we think cost should never be an obstacle to a valuable college degree. That’s why we’re out to make our degrees as affordable as they are important. For starters, every new undergraduate student will receive their own Graduation Fund to help them finish. And when you factor in possible credit transfers, military benefits and corporate discounts, you may be closer to earning your degree for less money than you think.

This chart shows how much less a Strayer's bachelor's degree is versus selected schools. That's before including the savings you could see from Grad Fund, transfer credits and more.

  • ITT Tech $89,040
  • DeVry $75,866
  • Kaplan $71,250
  • Phoenix $58,650
  • Full Cost Strayer $58,250
  • Strayer with Grad Fund* $44,050

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  • ITT Tech
  • DeVry
  • Kaplan
  • Phoenix
  • Full Cost Strayer
  • Strayer with Grad Fund*

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Transfer Your Credits

College credits – Strayer accepts transfer credit from institutions that are:
•Recognized by an agency that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
•Recommended by the American Council on Education

Corporate Partner Discount

Our Corporate Partner Program comprises more than 200 industry-leading and publicly traded companies, government agencies and professional organizations. For those who qualify benefits can include preferred pricing discounts, waiver of technology fees, and the extension of benefits to immediate family members. 


Earn Credits by Exam

Strayer students can prove their knowledge through standardized tests in dozens of different subject areas. Think of it as taking the final exam without taking the course. Some of these tests are offered nationally and others are unique to Strayer courses.

*Fees may apply

Earn Credits by Portfolio

Our Portfolio Development program allows students to demonstrate what life has taught them and determine whether they're eligible for additional academic credit.

*Fees may apply

Financial Aid Options

Federal Financial Aid

The U.S. government offers a number of grant and loan programs to help eligible students finance their college and graduate school educations. They can help you pay for education expenses such as tuition and fees, textbooks, and living expenses while you’re earning your degree.

Military Benefits

The U.S. government and Strayer University provide active-duty military and veterans with a number of opportunities to finance their educations. From scholarships for active-duty military and their spouses to veterans educational benefits, we’re here to support those who serve.

Private Loans

Students may also apply for private educational loans, which are credit-based funds provided by outside, nonfederal lenders to pay for the difference between the cost of attendance and amounts received through loans and grants under federal financial aid programs, or other tuition assistance programs.

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