Information for Military Students

Strayer University proudly welcomes military students who have served and/or are currently serving our country. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs in business, education, accounting, public administration, health services administration, and information systems are in high demand, both in the military and in the private sector.

It is possible that your military service has earned you the equivalent of college credit. Through training, military coursework, or occupation, your experience in the military may be counted toward your undergraduate or graduate degree program at Strayer University.

This section outlines the process that you need to follow for Strayer University to evaluate your military experience for course credit.

How do I request evaluation of credit for military experience?

Your admissions officer will assist you with requesting your official transcript and/or other acceptable documentation from your military branch. You may also contact your branch directly to request the required military documents. Once received, provide the documents to your admissions officer, who will send them to the Transfer Credit Evaluation Services Department for review. You will receive a copy of your results through your iCampus account. You can also obtain a copy of the evaluation at the campus at anytime through the Admissions or Academic Offices.

Required Documents:

  • JST Form (Request Official Joint Services Transcript)
  • For active service members: A DD Form 295 certified by an authorized officer and the designee
  • For non-active service members: A DD Form 214
  • For all service members, a transcript from your branch of the military:
  • Also available through the GoArmyEd portal
  • Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) Transcript
  • Information can be found on the CCAF Web site
  • Members of the Air Force will need to request and submit the CCAF transcript rather than a DD-214
  • Coast Guard Institute Transcript

Policies and procedures governing granting of credit from military experience

Military transcript evaluation is conducted by the Transcript Evaluation Center (TEC) in accordance with University policy. Credit granted does not apply toward Strayer University residency requirements. Residency requirements and maximum number of prior learning credits allowed for your program.

The American Council on Education does NOT consider the DD Form 2586 an official form and it is not used for evaluation purposes. This form is used for clarification purposes only.

If the experience on the DD Form 295 or DD Form 214 is abbreviated or indefinable, it is to the student's advantage to do one or more of the following to assist in the evaluation process:

  • Submit an AARTS transcript, if applicable.
  • Include military course numbers and American Council on Education (ACE) course ID numbers.
  • Include additional documents that clarify abbreviated courses or verify the skill level of a primary specialty.

Transcript Evaluation

  • Primary specialties and courses will be researched in the appropriate American Council on Education (ACE) Guidebook.
  • Recommendations for lower division baccalaureate/associate or upper division baccalaureate will be considered for credit.
  • Recommendations for graduate level credit will only be applied to the Master’s degree program.
  • Recommendations for the vocational category may not be accepted.
  • Credit is awarded only once for duplicate recommendations.

SOC Students

  • Students will need to provide the following information for the SOC agreement:
    • SSN
    • Branch of Service
    • Rank or Pay Grade
    • MOS or Rating
    • Military Installation (or OPFAC and CG Unit)
    • Years of Service

    A campus representative will enter the request for a SOC agreement. Evaluations are conducted following University policies and procedures. Students participating in the SOC program are an exception to the basic residency requirement. A SOC agreement is prepared once the evaluation of the student's educational and military transcripts has been completed. Due to the fact that military experience can drastically alter a student's curriculum, it is important that all military experience be evaluated before a SOC agreement is issued. Reminders will be sent to service members whose military transcripts have not been received.

    After the evaluation, the SOC coordinator will prepare the SOC agreement and forward all necessary paperwork to the student and pertinent agencies.

    Upon attendance at any other institution, as outlined in the SOC agreement, SOC students must complete a Request to Pursue Courses at Other Institutions Form prior to enrollment at another institution.