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Transfer Credits

Students often enroll with credits earned through other institutions, in their professions, or other life experiences.

You may be able to accelerate your degree by earning credits from:

ProgramTuitionCourse Requirements
Graduate $2450* per course 12 course curriculum
Undergraduate: Part time $1420 per course 9 or fewer credit hours** per quarter
Undergraduate: Full time $1420 per course 13.5 or more credit hours** per quarter

*Note: The tuition rate for Graduate classes other than JWMI increased to $2,450 per class for new and readmitted students in Winter Quarter 2015 and on.

**Each course is equivalent to 4.5 credit hours. On average, students will need 20 courses to attain an associate degree and 40 to attain a bachelor's degree. 

Tuition rates apply to all new and readmit undergraduate students. For all students enrolled prior to Winter 2014, please click here for undergraduate tuition rates.

Aid and Assistance Options

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