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Tuition Costs
And Financial Aid

Strayer acknowledges your work

Strayer works hard to provide an affordable and valuable education. We can help you identify, understand, and seek qualification for a variety of financing and financial aid options.


Transfer Credits

Students often enroll with credits earned through other institutions, in their professions, or other life experiences.

You may be able to accelerate your degree by earning credits from: 


Our Tuition and Fees

Program Tuition Course Requirements


$2450* per course

12 course curriculum

Undergraduate: Part time

$1420 per course

9 or fewer credit hours** per quarter

Undergraduate: Full time

$1420 per course

13.5 or more credit hours** per quarter

*Note: The tuition rate for Graduate classes other than JWMI increased to $2,450 per class for new and readmitted students in Winter Quarter 2015 and on.

**Each course is equivalent to 4.5 credit hours. On average, students will need 20 courses to attain an associate degree and 40 to attain a bachelor's degree.

Tuition rates apply to all new and readmit undergraduate students. For all students enrolled prior to Winter 2014, please click here here for undergraduate tuition rates.


Aid and Assistance Options

Includes both grants, which do not need to be repaid, and loans, which must be repaid.

We offer access to USA Funds® Life Skills®, a free online learning program that offers advice for managing your time and money.

Many companies provide tuition benefits to their employees.

Credit-based funds provided by outside, nonfederal lenders.

We offer a variety of scholarships and educational opportunities for those who have served.

Check our Financial Aid TV video library to learn about different aid programs and information you need to manage your borrowing.

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General - Tizoc S. Loza

Feb 13, 2015 -- gbyron

“I chose to enroll at Strayer in order to equal myself in the playing field, but also to show my kids that it’s never too late to go to college. What we do motivates the future scientists and engineers in this world. Strayer’s schedule was great and I did a lot of online classes, while also being able to take the on-campus courses I needed. Strayer’s MBA program helped me to gain credibility as someone who continues to move forward.”


Master of Business Administration

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