Tuition and Fees

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At Strayer University, we strive to make education affordable for working adult students.

Tuition and fees for the 2014 academic year

  • Application Fee - $50 (not applicable in all states). Your application is valid for one year after the application date.
  • Graduate Level Tuition - $2,325 per course.
  • Undergraduate Level Full-time Students (13.5 or more credit hours per quarter) - $1,420 per course.
  • Undergraduate Level Part-time Students (fewer than 13.5 credit hours per quarter) - $1,420 per course.

Tennessee tuition and fees for the 2013 academic year

  • Graduate Level Tuition - $2,325 per course
  • Undergraduate Level Tuition - $1,420 per course. For every three courses you complete, we'll cover the cost of 1 future course. Learn more about our graduation fund

Tuition rates apply to all new and readmit undergraduate students. For all students enrolled prior to Winter 2014, please click here for undergraduate tuition rates.

Additional Fees

  • Textbooks and supplies are not included in the tuition rate and must be purchased by the student. You should allow approximately $150 per course for textbooks and supplies.
  • Technology fee of $65 per term.
  • Laboratory fees are included in the tuition rates.
  • International students must pay to take the TOEFL exam and are required to pay a tuition deposit of $300.
  • Additional fees may apply as you progress through your program (i.e., graduation fee, withdrawal fee, transcript fee, etc.).

Paying for your Strayer University Education

To make your education at Strayer University more affordable, our Business Office can help you identify, understand and qualify for a variety of financing and financial aid options. Available financial assistance include:

  • Federal financial aid programs and other aid
  • Military education benefits
  • State grant programs
  • Tuition benefit programs.

More Information

The University Catalog describes our full financial policies and charges. Contact your campus directly to discuss financing and degree completion options that may reduce your total cost of attendance.

  • Federal financial aid programs and other aid
  • Military education benefits
  • State grant programs
  • Tuition benefit programs

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