Strayer Affordability

more affordable

Start with an affordable degree.
Then, save up to $14,200 more to finish.

At Strayer, we’re committed to your success, and part of that is providing a degree you can afford. We start with a degree program that’s less expensive than those at many selected colleges. Then, we help you reduce the cost and number of the courses you need take, to save you even more.

Your Admissions Officer can help you identify the opportunities that apply to you and see how much you could save.

Contact an Admissions Officer at 888-311-0355
to discuss your affordability options.

save from the start

This chart shows how much less a Strayer’s bachelor’s degree is versus selected schools. That’s before including the savings you could see from Grad Fund, transfer credits and more.

  • ITT Tech $89,040
  • DeVry $72,216
  • Kaplan $69,825
  • Full Cost Strayer $58,250
  • Phoenix $57,600
  • Strayer with Grad Fund* $44,050

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Learn more about Strayer’s Graduation Fund

Reduce the cost of courses

Invest in yourself and we’ll invest in you.

As a new undergraduate student, you’ll receive your very own Graduation Fund the day you enroll. As you successfully complete classes, your fund automatically grows and can cover the tuition for up to 10 of the final classes you need to graduate. That can save you up to $14,200 on tuition. Learn more.

Other Ways to Save

  • Strayer scholarships for members of the military can cover up to 100% of your undergraduate tuition when combined with military assistance. Learn more.
  • Grants and Scholarships provide outside need- and merit-based funds toward school that don’t need to be repaid. Learn more at at and Or contact an Admissions Officer for help.
  • If you are employed by one of our more than 250 corporate partners, you may be eligible for tuition discounts. See a list of partners here.

Reduce the NUMBER of courses

You’ve already achieved a lot.
Get credit for it.

Strayer could award you credits for classes you passed at another accredited educational institution, certifications or licenses that you’ve earned through work, and military training. Or take an exam to show you have significant knowledge of a subject and skip the course. Every class you get credit for is another $1,420 you save as an undergrad student.

Contact an Admissions Officer at 888-311-0355
to discuss your affordability options.