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Going back to school is a big decision—and figuring out how to pay for it can sometimes be an even bigger one. Here at Strayer University, we want to make sure that your educational journey is a smooth as possible—even when it comes to funding options.

We encourage all of our students to explore every financial option that is available to them and have listed a few scholarship options below. You may also wish to research other scholarship opportunities offered to students in your degree program, with your shared interests and background, or even scholarships offered to students in your local area.

Additionally, Strayer's Grad Fund program can help you save up to $14,350 on your undergraduate degree.

Alumni Advantage Scholarship

You’ve achieved your bachelor’s with us, now think of what's possible with a master's degree. We're excited to announce our $2,000 Alumni Advantage Scholarship that is exclusively available to Strayer alumni. Take advantage of this opportunity for any of our 11 master's degree programs, including the Jack Welch MBA.

The new Alumni Advantage Scholarship provides $2,000 off the cost of a master's degree - $1,000 off each of your first terms. It automatically applies to qualifying Strayer alumni so no need to apply.

You’ve already once successfully juggled the responsibilities of school, work and life. And as you're familiar with Strayer's courses, campuses and tools, we're confident you can do it again. Gain your competitive advantage. For More Information

Scholarship recipients must start their master's degree on October 3 in order to qualify.*

*View the full disclaimer.

The Bailey Family Foundation Scholarship

The Bailey Family Foundation, founded in 1996 by Strayer University President Emeritus Ron K. Bailey, offers scholarship programs to high school seniors as well as current college students with demonstrated scholastic achievement and financial need. A limited number of $5,000 scholarships are reserved for Strayer University undergraduate students. To qualify, a current student must be in good standing with the University and a new student must be accepted into one of Strayer University's programs. Scholarship applications and additional information are available on the Bailey Family Foundation Website.

The Law Enforcement Tuition Assistance Program

If you are an employed police officer, sheriff, state trooper, ranger or corrections officer and have completed a basic law enforcement training program, you may be eligible for the Law Enforcement Tuition Assistance Program. It offers a tuition rate of $750 per undergraduate course, which is a 47% cost savings against current undergraduate tuition rates. For More Information

Scholarship for Active Duty Military Students

Strayer University is proud to offer active duty service members a scholarship that, when combined with your branch of service's tuition assistance, can cover up to 100% of your tuition for an undergraduate degree and a majority of your tuition for a graduate degree. For More Information

Scholarship for Military Spouses

Strayer University is proud to offer spouses of active duty service members a scholarship that can off-set the cost of tuition for some or all of your undergraduate or graduate classes. Spouses can receive this scholarship even if the service member is not enrolled. For More Information


AmeriCorps, Peace Corp and National Health Services Corp offer college money in exchange for a service commitment. Visit these sites for more information:

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