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COVID-19 & Online Learning

COVID-19 has recast online learning as a critical part of higher education. At Strayer University, online learning is core to who we are. We are committed to helping you progress in your career by offering high-quality, affordable online courses taught through state-of-the-art, innovative learning platforms.

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Benefits of Online Classes

Earning a degree online provides students with the freedom and flexibility to move their careers forward from anywhere with an Internet connection, without the need to go to an in-person classroom. At Strayer, learning comes to life through short, documentary-style videos that blend core subject matter with stories about real people. This binge-worthy coursework makes it easier for you to understand and remember. While a different experience from face-to-face learning, online learning offers several benefits:

  • Flexibility: Attend classes from anywhere, and work at a pace that suits you.
  • Easy Access: Instantly access course materials, schedules, assignments, and lessons.
  • Stay Connected: Interact with students and instructors wherever they are.


Strayer has been a leader in online learning for decades. In that time, we’ve learned what helps our students to be as successful as possible in earning their degrees online. While having reliable Internet and computer access is important, these three tips can help you succeed in learning online.  

Create Your Ideal Distance Learning Environment

Success with online learning requires careful thought and preparation into how that learning will take place. In addition to ensuring you have sufficient Internet connectivity and the necessary computer hardware, consider the physical learning environment you will need to be successful. Designate a space in your home to study and interact virtually with your professors and classmates. Make sure you have the privacy you need and that the environment is conducive to your style of learning. While flexibility is one of the great benefits of online learning, establishing a dedicated space and routine for engaging with your coursework will help keep you on track to achieve your educational goals. 

Practice Self-Discipline and Strong Time Management

Online education works best for those who have strong self-discipline and time management skills. While Strayer provides a robust array of support services, students who are most successful are those who take ownership in making sure they complete their coursework on time and are on track to earn their degrees. In building their time-management skills, students are also better prepared for success both personally and professionally. 

Plan and Prepare for Interaction with Professors and Classmates

As many people are experiencing more and more of us working remotely, connecting with others in an online environment requires a different approach than in-person interactions. Those relationships can still be robust and deep, but the expectations are unique. For example, when engaging with faculty and other classmates online, responses to questions and topics raised may not be immediate. However, that provides the opportunity for more thoughtful responses. Likewise, many interactions in the online environment happen via the written word, versus face-to-face conversations, so careful attention should be paid to make sure that what is written is clear, well-constructed, and to the point. 


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