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10 Fun Apps to Improve Your Memory

Apps are fun ways to spend your down time and are great for resting your brain after a long day—but is it possible to strengthen your brain while you’re relaxing? Many professionals believe apps and online games may have positive mental health benefits, especially for improving memory. According to The Huffington Post, “Nadine Kaslow, Ph.D., professor and vice chair at Emory University's Department of Psychiatry and President of the American Psychological Association, says apps can help promote mental health through participation in activities designed to reduce symptoms and improve psychological functioning.” Apps are perfect for busy students and working professionals because you can access them from most mobile devices, making them perfect for your on-the-go routine. They are also fun for the whole family and for those apps that let you play with others, you can get your kids involved too. It’s never too early to start strengthening your memory! Check out these 10 fun apps that may improve your memory:

1. Lumosity

Luminosity offers various fun games tailored to your needs that may not only strengthen memory, but also improve attention, problem solving, processing speed, and mental flexibility. (Available for Apple devices; there are free and paid versions of the application. Also available on Google Play.)

2. Eidetic

Eidetic trains your memory by using information specific to you— contacts’ phone numbers, bank account details, etc.—to help you remember patterns, words, facts, and numbers. It spaces tests you over time to possibly improve long-term memory. (Available on Apple devices for free)

3. CogniFit Brain Fitness

This app may help you improve cognitive abilities with interactive games designed by neuroscientists to target memory and concentration. You can track progress and see insights about your brain’s overall health, and play against other friends. (Available on Apple devices; there is a free trial before you have to begin paying for the application.)

4. Memory Trainer

My Personal Memory Trainer aims to improve your spatial and working memory through a series of fun mental “workouts”, such as pattern recalls, number memorizations, and puzzles. (Available on Google Play for free)

5. Mind Games

This app features 17 types of addicting brain puzzles at about 190 varying levels of difficulty. (Available on Google Play for free; also available on Apple devices for $4.99)

6. Fit Brains Trainer

This app features over 360 games and puzzles of varying difficulty to improve mental agility and challenge you to flex your brain muscles. The app provides recommendations based on your performance. (Available for free on both Apple devices or Google Play)

7. Portrait Health Brain Teasers

This app features fun and challenging brain teasers to test 5 areas including word skills, critical thinking, memory, visual perception, and coordination, and provides a steady stream of new and updated teasers. (Available on Apple devices for $0.99)

8. Coach Memory! Brain Trainer

This personalized app provides unique brain training to help increase your memory, attention, reaction speed, multitasking, and problem solving skills. Featuring a variety of games to develop your mind in low-stress, playful ways, this app works easily into your life. (Available on Google Play for free)

9. Sudoku

Sudoku is a popular numbers game that may help improve memory and list making skills. Players must get the numbers 1-9 in each horizontal and vertical row without any duplicates. (Available on Apple devices for free; other versions of Sudoku apps are also available on Google Play and for Android devices.)

10. New York Times Crossword

The classic New York Times Crossword set the standard for all crossword puzzles, with its increasingly difficult but addicting word clues that put your critical thinking skills to the test. (Available on Apple devices for free). Remember, in cases of actual mental duress or disorder, apps are no substitute for working with a mental health professional. But for fun, on-the-go mental exercise each day, they can be great for helping to keep you sharp!

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Published Date: October 24, 2014