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The time is almost here for the next Take 30 event at Strayer campuses nationwide. This year, it’s extra special, as we’ll be celebrating our 125th anniversary as a university! Our goal has always been to get students to believe in possible, to see beyond the now and envision their goals for the future. Here are 5 reasons you need to take a 30-minute break and join us at this week’s Take 30 event: 1. Reflect on Your Accomplishments You have come a long way. In fact, you’re already ahead of most people, as you are currently doing it—working hard to achieve your degree. As you’re well aware, making the decision to go back to school isn’t an easy one. With the busyness of everyday life, accepting that you’re going to fill up even more of your schedule is a daunting task. But you’ve already cleared that hurdle. You’re in class, either online or on-campus, and you are making progress. You’ve set an example for others to follow. Be proud of these accomplishments, because they signify that you want and are working for a bigger dream. 2. Connect with Your Peers We’re all in the same boat; take a moment to connect with your peers. Meet some new friends, broaden your support system, and expand your network. Once you graduate and start reaching for your career goals, the people you meet at Strayer can be one of your biggest assets for professional growth. 3. Have Some Fun Remember how much fun you had at recess when you were a kid? The funny thing is recess is much more than fun and games—it’s a pressure relief that helps kids reinvigorate their minds for the next lesson. Consider Take 30 recess for adults. You get the same benefits from a break as kids do, and with how busy your schedule is and how many responsibilities you carry, the Take 30 event is the perfect option to relax for a bit and get in some all-important “you” time. 4. Share Your Wisdom Experience the enjoyment of acting as a mentor. There will be some people at Take 30 who are just starting out on their Strayer journey. Your tips can be extremely helpful in walking them through the ropes of college and juggling their responsibilities. If this is your first Take 30 event, don’t be afraid to talk. Conversations are beneficial to everyone involved. When we share, we learn and grow as people. We benefit from other points of view and life experiences, so jump into conversations and ask questions. It’s amazing how much you can learn from others in just 30 minutes of conversation. 5. Share Your Commitment to Your Degree Research shows that writing out your goals and letting your friends and family know about your intention increases your chances of following through. Share your Take 30 New Year New You possible card on social! Upload a photo of you with your goals with hashtag #StrayerTake30 for a chance to be featured on Strayer University’s social media channels. Take 30 will be taking place the week of January 23 on all Strayer campuses, check with your campus leaders for specific day and time!


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