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Whether you’re excitedly continuing on, or beginning to feel the exhaustion of many sleepless nights – this can often be the point where you begin to feel the momentum from the beginning of the quarter wear off. So how do you fight the urge to let your schoolwork sit while you catch up on other priorities? Here are 5 tips for fighting procrastination, and staying motivated until the end of the term:

  1. Remember a time when you LOVED learning. Have you had an inspiring professor, or a subject that you found particularly interesting that made you want to learn more? Think back to a time when you were energized by learning, and use it to power up your studies.
  2. Find a friend, or create a study group. Finding it hard to get motivated? Get a friend to study with you, or begin a study group. When you have another person to help keep you motivated, working on a goal together becomes easier. If you have children, studying with them can be a great option as well.
  3. Find out what energizes, you and do it regularly. Does a great workout make your studying more productive? Does finding the right playlist make math problems more enjoyable? Find out what makes you productive, and use it to your advantage.
  4. Focus on the journey. It’s easy to be so focused on the end goal that you don't appreciate the journey. Yes, graduation is a great goal, but for some, it may be a few years down the line. Short-term goals can help you feel a sense of accomplishment every quarter.
  5. Realize you can truly succeed at anything you put your mind to. We all have subjects that we think we are better or worse at, but what you don’t realize is that putting a mental stigma behind being bad at a subject can sink your motivation. Do you think there are certain subjects that you can never succeed at? With time and effort, you can become better at anything. If you keep hitting roadblocks or something just isn’t clicking, reach out to a classmate or professor. They can help you, and motivate you to keep going. No matter the subject, if you put your time and effort into it, you can succeed – so give it your all.


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