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Last spring, Melanie Wright had a conversation that changed her life. She was talking with her 16-year-old daughter about the importance of education. She wanted her daughter to go to college. She wanted her daughter to see the value in education—and how it could shape her future for the better. And then it dawned on Wright: She needed to finish her own degree.

In the late 1990s, Wright, a lifelong Philadelphia resident, had attended a school in Pittsburgh for two years. Traveling back and forth was expensive and time-consuming, but she missed home and found herself making the trip often. The frequent travel was grueling and impacted her grades. “I just couldn’t focus and did badly my second semester,” Wright remembers. After her sophomore year, she dropped out of school.

Wright got a job assisting people with special needs and eventually landed a position with the Philadelphia public schools. But before long she found herself at a dead end. “I needed a bachelor’s degree to move up,” Wright says. “I could have all the experience in the world, but if I didn’t have the degree, I couldn’t even apply.”


With education on her mind, Wright began noticing advertisements for Strayer University on television. She wasn’t sure if online education was right for her. Could she hold herself accountable? Would she finish the work if there wasn’t a person looking over her shoulder?

On the other hand, the flexibility of online education appealed to her. She wouldn’t have the hassle of getting to campus. She wouldn’t have to worry about being on a schedule—online learning could happen whenever was convenient.

Finally, after much contemplation, Wright contacted Strayer. An admissions officer responded within 24 hours, and Wright never looked back. “The people at Strayer were so full of positivity,” she says. “They made me feel at ease. They said, ‘It might be scary but you got this!’”


Wright also wanted to make her previous education count for something: Could she transfer credits? Strayer has a streamlined process for helping students transfer credits, and admissions officers are experts at helping students maximize credit transfers. Working with the Strayer staff, Wright managed to get dozens of credits transferred over. In total, the transfer credits amounted to more than 10 classes. “It meant that I was more than a quarter done with my work after the transfer occurred,” Wright says.               

Wright is currently about halfway done with her coursework and hopes to complete her bachelor’s in business administration by December of 2020. “I know that with the education I have, I will be able to do whatever I want to do,” Wright says. “Sometimes I can’t believe that I’m doing this, but I am. I’m finally getting the degree that I set out to get 20 years ago.”

Earning your degree may take less time than you think. Learn more about transferring credits to Stayer University.            


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