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Work in a technical or allied health field? Interested in opening your own business or moving into management someday? If you’re considering going back to school for a bachelor’s degree, an online Bachelor of Applied Science in Management (BASM) program could be a great path to explore.

Who’s a good match for a BASM program?

The BASM degree is usually designed for working professionals in technical or allied health fields who want to advance in their existing career. Moving into a management role or opening your own business often require skills and knowledge that weren’t necessarily covered in your previous education. With a BASM degree, you can learn business, leadership, and management practices to complement your existing expertise.

If you have a technical or applied science associate’s degree, many BASM programs are unique in that they allow you to transfer your technical credits toward earning your bachelor’s, so your BASM degree often takes less time to complete than a bachelor’s degree that doesn’t allow you to transfer technical credits.

Why might someone choose to pursue an online BASM degree?

Let’s say you’re a mechanic at an auto dealership. You’ve been at the company for five years, and you’re ready to take your career to the next level. When a position managing the service department opens up, you’re excited to throw your hat in the ring. But there’s a hitch: all managerial-level employees are required to have a bachelor’s degree. You don’t have a bachelor’s, and don’t exactly have a lot of free time to start over from scratch pursuing one at a traditional university either. You’ve also been thinking you’d like to open up your own auto shop someday, but know you’d need to learn more about how to run a business before taking the leap.

This is where the online BASM degree comes in.

Assuming you’ve already have an associate’s degree in an applied science from an accredited college, you should be able to transfer your technical/allied health credits and apply them to your BASM degree—allowing you to earn your bachelor’s in less time than starting over from scratch with zero transfer credits. Online programs like the BASM are often flexible enough to work into your busy life schedule. Look for programs that will create an immediate connection between theory and practice—so you can actually apply what you learn as you learn it.

How do BASM programs generally work?

The BASM program is often divided into three parts and what experience and / or credits a student brings in is then applied to one of the three areas. One block of the program might focus on general education courses, one block on management/business courses, and one block on technical experience based on their existing experience or education. 

BASM students also usually complete a final capstone course that typically relates to their specific area of expertise. So if you’re, say, a dental hygienist, your capstone project might involve studying business practices in dentistry and patient care.

What kinds of things will you learn?

During the management focused part of the program, you might learn about topics like:

  • Using analytical skills to measure strategic goals and performance.
  • Applying decision-making techniques to critical business challenges.
  • Communicating strategies, policies, and procedures effectively across an organization.
  • Fostering more productive, ethical organizational cultures.
  • Developing organizational structures and operational concepts.
  • Tapping into the power of critical thinking skills and information logic.

How do you know if the program is right for you?

If you:

  1. Work in a technical or allied health field and have an AA degree from a community or technical college
  2. Want to advance in your existing career and/or open your own business
  3. Are interested in learning business, leadership, and management practices to complement your existing expertise

…then the BASM degree might be a great fit for you.

Do your research of accredited online BASM programs, contact admissions officers to discuss your unique qualifications and career goals, and consider how a BASM might get you where you want to go.

Learn more about the Strayer University Bachelor of Applied Science in Management degree program, and get in touch with an Admissions Officer to discuss your specific background and questions.


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