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In these divided times, we all need to find common ground. For Kelli, a Strayer student and lifelong resident of Austin, Texas, that common ground is education. “We’re all united on education,” she says. But for education to succeed, you need to have amazing educators. Teachers who can challenge you, encourage you, and support you. Teachers like those at Strayer.


Kelli would know all about what makes a great teacher. A teacher for over 15 years, Kelli dreamt of going back to school to study counseling. For a while, she was put off by a lack of enthusiasm from peers. They told her it was a waste of money, especially since she already had a great job. Frequently passing by Strayer’s local campus, Kelli decided one day in April 2014 to go inside. Driven by a desire for a change, as well as opportunities to make more money, she made the decision to enroll in Strayer’s MBA program. By far, her greatest experience in pursuit of her new degree have been the teachers. They’ve afforded her unparalleled new ways to learn about pressing topics in business, including managerial economics, globalization, and higher mathematics. “In one of the very first classes I took at Strayer, the professor shared so much of his own personal experience,” Kelli recalls. “I needed that explanation of ‘this is what I went through and what directed me to right now.’ Now I’m seriously thinking about becoming a college professor.”


Storytelling is central to helping Kelli internalize the insights she gets from her Strayer classes. “In the class, I’m taking right now, the professor works in Europe,” Kelli says. “She’s shared amazing stories, and she uses a lot of videos in her course. Showing the class how Europe values support work-life balance made me realize we’re workaholics here in America.” Classes also helped Kelli confront, and overcome, one of her greatest hurdles: math. “Mathematics is my weakest subject area by far,” she says. But all it took was an online class at Strayer for her to unlock the mysteries of statistics. “The professor was amazing,” Kelli says. “He would sit right beside the students and work through problems. It made math less stressful. I never felt inferior. There were always teachable moments.” We all have our times of doubt. In those moments, Kelli draws on the positivity of her time (and her teachers) at Strayer. “It’s a campus that looks at me as a person,” she says. “They want me to be successful.”   Learn more about Strayer University and how you can achieve your educational goals.  


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