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Strayer alumna Felicia Blow firmly believes that learning is a lifelong endeavor, a philosophy that has propelled her through an impressive 20-year career. Felicia earned her Master of Business Administration in 2009 from Strayer University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. A recipient of the Strayer University Outstanding Alumna Award in 2012 in addition to many other prestigious accolades, Felicia is a local icon and inspiration, as well as a community leader. But while she always had a passion for learning, it took her a while to pursue higher education. When she did, she found new meaning to her life.


Felicia says she’s always had a burning curiosity, a “fire in [her] belly.” Passionate about learning, Felicia always knew she wanted to further her education—but there was never a good time. Between her family, career and community, the years flew by. To drop everything to go back to school—it just didn’t seem necessary. Until tragedy fell. When Felicia’s third son, Alvin Jr., passed away, she found herself in the depths of despair. But it was here, at her lowest point, that Felicia found new meaning to her life. She came to a resolute conclusion: she wasn’t going to live her whole life in regret. She would go out and see her potential to the fullest—that was the only way to truly honor the memory of Alvin Jr. So she went back to school for her MBA.


Like many prospective students, Felicia explored a number of options for her education. While other institutions had their merits, only one stood out to her in a special way:  Strayer University. “When I walked in, I felt welcomed,” Felicia says, “For the first time, I felt that an institution actually wanted me as a student.” Felicia was pleasantly surprised by our Strayer staff, who not only made her feel welcome, but followed up with her after her visit. The friendly environment made a big impression on Felicia, ultimately leading her to select Strayer University over her other options. Still, before classes began, Felicia was nervous. Would class be too difficult? Would she get along with other students? Would she fit in? “Like others, I had my fears, my hesitations. But as soon as I walked in to the classroom, all my fears melted away.”


Felicia proudly calls herself a lifelong student and she wants to help others to ignite that same passion. Felicia encourages all prospective students to just do it and not let fears hold them back from their dreams. “There will never be a ‘good’ time,” Felicia says, “Just start. The first step is the hardest.”   Interested in Strayer University’s online degree programs?  Learn more here.  


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