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September 21, 2016
pledge for possible
possible starts now

Ever notice that by putting something in writing and sharing it with others acts as motivation to get it done? It’s not just a myth. Sign the Pledge for Possible, share it with a friend, and commit to earning your degree from an accredited online college. With over 120 years of providing access to education for adult learners, Strayer University has the faculty, staff and programs to help you succeed. Flexible on-campus and online college courses help fit school into your schedule. And with a variety of resources to help lower tuition, assist in your studies and offer emotional support, we are set on making education available to all who wish to pursue their educational goals. This is the commitment we make to you. Now it’s time to make the commitment to yourself. Sign the pledge and take the first step on this exciting journey. Possible starts now. Sign the Pledge for Possible today