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It’s a common questioning point. You’ve finished your undergrad and maybe you’ve been working a while. The job is fine. It pays enough. You can’t complain. For all intents and purposes, your life is comfortable. However, there’s a higher place where you want to get. You want more fulfillment and responsibility. You want to move up, but your head is starting to hit the ceiling. So what do you do? For many people in this situation, they chose to get their MBA from Strayer.

With both online and in-classroom learning, we help fit school back into your schedule. And while you may have to weigh the cost of an MBA, there are programs that may be available to help lower your tuition rates, including employer tuition reimbursement programs. With the help of Strayer’s own Dean of Corporate Education, Mary Carr, we’ve developed what we call the five “mores”—five of the best reasons that ultimately drive people back to school to earn their master’s degrees. See if any pique your interest.


You’re running in place. You either want to switch gears or jump up the ladder. An MBA can greatly increase the number of jobs you’ll be qualified for. Many MBA graduates will attest that the leadership skills and business acumen they’ve gained from their degrees have helped them reach higher career goals. In addition, MBA skills transfer across industries. By learning specific business skill sets, graduates have been able to forge new paths in entirely new areas.


More and more in the business world, it’s either who you know or who knows you. You can have the perfect skill set, but you still have to get in front of people. Very few top job prospects are found within a resume pile. By enrolling in an MBA program, you get the chance to meet and interact with working professionals. You get to brush up on your communication skills in a safe environment, ask questions, test out new strategies and get invaluable advice on how to advance your career. You also get to make a strong, genuine impression. And if you make a connection, a phone call or recommendation from someone you met may be your best foot in the door to your new career.


Knowledge is power. The smarter you are about business, the more you will succeed. Going back to school for your MBA also shows employers that you’re focused and dedicated on self-improvement. You’re showing initiative on keeping up on technology and trends, and you’re able to not just keep up, but to lead a company forward.


All that knowledge keeps your mind young. Seasoned veterans will hit their peak, and they need to make a decision. If they don’t continue building their skills to stay relevant with today’s new advances, they are going to fall back. By obtaining your MBA, you are future-proofing—you’re learning new skills and polishing up others. You are keeping on top of the modern world and looking out for the next great advances. You are operating in the present while keeping your eyes on the future.


All of us want to be paid what we feel we’re worth, and an MBA has been shown to help increase employee value. This can all be attributed to collaborative, strategic and leadership skills you gain from an MBA program. By making a commitment to getting your master’s degree, you are showing employers your commitment to doing what it takes to be a major player in their companies.


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