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In a world where we’re connected 24/7 to work and school, balance can seem impossible. When you’re trying to juggle priorities at work and school assignments due weekly, all while managing your family, it can seem like there isn’t enough time to do it all. So how do you find balance in the chaos? Can work-life balance truly exist? There will never be a magic day where you have reached a true balance, and everything will work magically in unison – but you can make managing multiple responsibilities easier on yourself by following the steps below:


It can be difficult when multiple demands pull at your time – soccer practice, readings for your assignments, deadlines at work – so it’s important to make choices that simplify your life rather than complicate it. This may mean saying no to social engagements, or pairing down your schedule in order to create time to get schoolwork done.


Sometimes, in order to reach your goals, you need to engage your support network. This may mean creating a carpool group at soccer practice, or asking your family for help. Tapping into your support network gives you a group of people who are willing to share responsibility with you in order for you to accomplish your goals.


Planning out your workload can help get you prepared for the week, maximize your time, and ensure that you don't fall behind when unexpected situations pop up.


Procrastination is an easy route when you have multiple responsibilities because you actually have legitimate things to do that are important. At the same time, it’s much easier to find 30 minutes every day to prepare for a test, rather than a 4-hour long time slot the night before. Become aware of the tendency to procrastinate, and break your work into smaller chunks during the week. Use your time wisely – maybe it means doing homework while your children are doing their homework, reading your textbook on the way to school, or getting to work 30 minutes early to complete a discussion question. Finding the balance between work and life is truly difficult, but staying organized and being proactive about your work can help you maintain normalcy when you have multiple responsibilities that demand time and energy.


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