Hands-on Learning

Getting a cyber security online degree gives you the skills and direction you need to secure and maintain the security of networks and data in a range of environments. In this program, you’ll: 

  • Prepare for your CompTIA Network+ and ISC2 certification exams
  • Design and implement a multi-computer network
  • Discuss the concepts of ethical hacking, the different types of hacking, and penetration testing techniques
  • Learn how to trace an internet connection, track personal email, identify passwords, and utilize various password identification tools
  • Examine the functions and impacts of malicious programs and their countermeasures
  • Identify the types of Denial of Service attacks and apply countermeasures
  • Explain and apply various hacking technologies and features used to protect networks
  • Discuss and design a computer Demilitarized Zone
  • Describe and perform penetration tests on communication media, including wireless networks, VoIPs, VPNs, Bluetooth, and handheld devices
  • Generate network threat-testing techniques, including denial of service, password identification, application and database penetration, virus and Trojan detection, and log management penetration
This course utilizes official EC-Council authorized curriculum and labs (iLabs). These learning resources and supporting certification exams have been accepted by, and meet the standards of the following organizations. *More Info