Boost Your Skills

An online digital forensics degree focuses on the computer forensics tools used to analyze network attacks, digital threats, and cybersecurity breeches. In this hands-on program, you’ll use real world examples to:

  • Prepare for your CompTIA Network+ and ISC2 certification exams
  • Discuss the importance of computer forensics and the process of setting up a cybersecurity lab
  • Develop a cybersecurity investigation plan to address an organizational need
  • Summarize files systems, hard disks, and digital media processes in the context of computer forensics
  • Apply password identification tools in a controlled environment
  • Use cyber software to perform forensic tasks and TCP/IP packet analysis
  • Analyze, recognize, and investigate web attacks
  • Review router architecture and discuss different types of router attacks and investigation techniques
  • Analyze and investigate Denial of Service/Distributed Denial of Service attacks
  • Apply techniques and tools needed for penetration tests
  • Generate network threat testing techniques, including denial of service, password identification, application and database penetration, virus and Trojan detection, and log management penetration
This course utilizes official EC-Council authorized curriculum and labs (iLabs). These learning resources and supporting certification exams have been accepted by, and meet the standards of the following organizations: *More Info