Skills In Your Career

Gain proficiency in technology-related security for emergency management, disaster recovery, and government administration with an online security technology degree. In this program, you’ll:

  • Prepare for your CompTIA Network+ and ISC2 certification exams
  • Discuss the concepts of ethical hacking, different types of hacking and penetration testing techniques
  • Explore the different types of scanning and scanning methodology
  • Examine the functions and effects of malicious programs and their countermeasures
  • Understand and apply various hacking technologies and features that administrators deploy to protect their networks
  • Discuss and identify web application vulnerabilities and web-based password-cracking techniques
  • Analyze system security, preventative measures and disaster recovery planning
  • Compare the fundamentals of business continuity plans, contingency plans, and virtualization data recovery
  • Gain an understanding of systems security and change control policies
  • Analyze and configure data storage technologies and data backup procedures
  • Explain, configure, and implement virtualization technologies

This course utilizes official EC-Council authorized curriculum and labs (iLabs). These learning resources and supporting certification exams have been accepted by, and meet the standards of the following organizations:*More Info